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Wipliance: Certified Control4 Dealer and Home Automation Expert

Operate your home with purpose through a seamless technology environment that combines comfort and convenience.

A Tailored Control4 System Design and Installation

Imagine a single application that controls everything in your Washington or Arizona house. Want to turn off the lights without getting up from the bed? Need to check your home surveillance cameras from your vacation destination? It’s all possible with Control4. With a Control4 system at your home, whether in Scottsdale, Bellevue or Seattle, simplicity, efficiency and comfort come together with technology artfully crafted just for you.

As a leading Control4 dealer with locations in Bellevue, Washington and the Scottsdale, Arizona area, Wipliance specializes in home automation solutions customized to your home and your preferences. Realize the full potential of your new smart home with Control4 systems available for any budget, space, or lifestyle.

Control4 Smart Lighting
Replace on/off switches with elegant keypads that let you dim lights, activate scenes, and open and close motorized shades.
Enjoy hands-free control of all your lighting through motion sensors, scheduled scenes, and personalized voice commands.
Stay protected with ‘Mockupancy’ scenes that make your home look occupied while you’re away at work or on vacation.

Control4 Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

A Brighter Approach

Let lights serve a superior purpose in your space as a stylistic spark, tone setter or even a security blanket. Nurture the full power of natural and artificial light with intuitive control of fixtures and shades through Control4 smart lighting solutions.

Common Solutions:

  • Control from elegant, custom keypads, touchpads or apps
  • Wide variety of blind, shade, and drape integrations
  • Enhanced security through preset scenes and sensors
  • Control4 Touch Panel
  • Bellevue Home Kitchen
  • Scottsdale Whole Home
  • Control4 Lighitng Keypad
Control4 Touch Panel
Bellevue Home Kitchen
Scottsdale Whole Home
Control4 Lighitng Keypad

    Already own a Control4 system at your Seattle, Scottsdale or Bellevue home? Revamp your existing smart home with Control4’s striking new OS 3 interface that offers immediate access to your favorites and gorgeous wallpapers. A dashboard screen shows up-to-date status of all your technology including lights, locks and shades.

    Explore Tutorial Videos

    Check out our gallery of Control4 videos for tips on how to maximize your system. 

    Control4 Multi Room Entertainment
    Add a playlist to your day by easily pulling up your favorite artists then choosing to play them in one room or the entire house.
    Easily browse through thousands of titles from streaming, digital libraries or Blu-ray from a dedicated touchpad, remote, or app.
    Enjoy high-resolution audio throughout your house, whether from your record player, TV or favorite music streaming service.

    Control4 Certified Multi-Room Entertainment

    Entertainment Without Limits

    Take your favorite content with you everywhere you go with Control4 multi-room audio video. Watch the action without missing a beat if you move to another room and entertain with ease as music keeps guests company throughout the night.

    Common Solutions:

    • Instant access to music, movies and sports across any speaker or TV in your home
    • High-resolution audio playing through in-ceiling speakers
    • 4K video in a tailored viewing environment

    Elegance in Hand with a Control4 Neeo Remote

    Neeo is a sleek, refined remote with a modern design and a mix of both tactile buttons and a high-resolution, graphical glass touchscreen interface. Neeo’s weight, balance, and texture were all meticulously considered to feel comfortable in the hand.

    Not only is the Neeo beautiful, it is powerful- allowing you to control your whole home, not just your TV.

    Control4 Music Ipad
    Whole Home Entertainment
    Control4 Remote
      Control System
      Turn off lights, change the volume and shut the blinds without having to leave your spot on the couch using an app or universal remote.
      Transform your home for hosting friends with a pre-set scene that instantly plays a festive playlist and prepares more active lighting.
      Reap the benefits of an user interface that boasts large graphics, customizable menus, and an intuitive navigation experience.

      An Effortless Experience

      Reclaim control of your technology with a Control4 smart home automation system made-to-measure to match your preferences. Optimize your daily routines with a home that adjusts to your needs through dedicated scenes, voice commands or a swipe of your screen.

      Common Solutions:

      • Access to all your technology from one device
      • Hands-free management through voice commands
      • Personalized profiles offer easy access to favorites


      Security System
      Communicate with anyone at a Control4 door station via video and audio then let them in remotely through your mobile app.
      Deter intruders with visible surveillance cameras and look in on live or recorded footage at any time to check in on your home.
      Know immediately from your Control4 dashboard which doors are unlocked and make needed changes with one simple tap.
      Peace of Mind | Security and Surveillance System

      Security at Your Fingertips With a Professional Control4 Installation

      Stay connected to your home at all times for added peace of mind with Control4 smart security features that let you manage locks, alarms, and surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world. Receive instant alerts if there’s a leak or a door left open.

      Common Solutions:

      • One-app control of all your home security
      • Mockupancy settings make home look occupied
      • Advanced home access control with Intercom Anywhere outdoor surveillance
      outdoor surveillance
      Control4 Security
      Commercial Access Control
        Seattle Home Interior
        On your way home from a long workday, use your app to heat up the pool and turn on your outdoor lights for a relaxing evening splash.
        Adjust to fluctuating climates with a smart thermostat that prepares your ideal home temperature and humidity according to the season.
        Optimize your energy use from month-to-month with smarter management of your home’s lights, shades, and climate control.

        The Perfect Ambiance

        Prepare the ideal environment while reducing energy use by adjusting your thermostat and motorized shades to set the perfect temperature every time, directly through your Control4 system. Bring more unity to the family with seamless communications through Control4’s Intercom Anywhere.

        Common Solutions:

        • Personalized climate and humidity settings
        • Smart shading reduces glare and heat
        • Communicate via touchpads and apps
        Touch panel on wall
        Iphone In hand
        Washington Home Temperature
        Seattle Interior


          Home Networking Image
          Stream full 4K resolution from Netflix without any lags or interruptions when checking emails or viewing live surveillance footage.
          Your network grows with you as you integrate new connected devices, subscribe to new streaming services, or expand to new areas.
          Experts proactively monitor your home network to identify issues and resolve them before you even notice any down time.
          Home Networking

          A Strong Foundation for All Your Home Automation Products

          Can your network handle the added bandwidth of all the connected devices in your smart home? As a Control4 dealer, we offer Pakedge networking solutions that deliver reliable, high-speed signals for unrivaled performance from all your smart technology.

          Common Solutions:

          • Advanced traffic management for greater speeds
          • Greater bandwidths to stream audio and video
          • Dependable Wi-Fi signals throughout the house
          Control4 Devices
          Home Networking Device
          Home Networking Device
          Home Interior

            Navigate Your Home With Ease With A Professional Installation From A Certified Control4 Dealer

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