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The Benchmark of High-Fidelity Sound

High-End Materials Meet Innovative Design

For more than40 years, Focal Audio’s patented acoustic technologies have provided unrivaled sound quality. Focal audio solutions include high-end speakers, home theater speakers, headphones, as well as outdoor and custom audio options. All products meet exacting standards combining the very best in technology, mechanics, materials, and design. Through extensive quality control, the company ensures audio reproductions well above the competition. As the go-to dealer with locations in the Seattle, WA and Scottsdale, AZ areas, we at Wipliance offer the industry-leading Focal home speakers, subwoofers, and headphones.

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    Designed for Sonic Excellence

    High-End Sound

    As Focal dealers, we offer the pinnacle in high-fidelity sound with loudspeakers showcasing depth, clarity and power. All Focal home speakers include their trademark inverted drivers and custom cabinet design to deliver a powerful harmonic range and crystal-clear sound.
    Utopia III Evo
    This award-winning line combines a modern, timeless design with cutting edge technology for a crisp, immersive sonic experience. Since its arrival in 2008, Focal has expanded its driver technology for better crossover and created more stylish finishes with the Maestro, Scala and Grande Lines.
    The Sopra line combines a sleek design with a richness of sound that elevates your emotions. Available in its flagship N°2 and N°3 models, it's excellent for dedicated listening spaces. The smaller N°1 model delivers the same low distortion and defined bass in a modern, compact design.
    Aria 900
    Its superior build and unique flax driver allows the Aria 900 line to deliver rich, high-fidelity sound. All while becoming a centerpiece in your décor. The Aria 900 line stands out for its midrange quality and superior bass, while the inverted dome provides a more stable soundstage.
    Acoustic innovation is at the heart of the Kanta line of high-fidelity speakers. The result is the latest Beryllium and flax cone technology for more exceptional warmth and an expanded soundstage. Design-oriented audiophiles can enjoy eight different finishes including lacquered or matte varieties.

    What's New

    Chora: The Flagship Model

    Focal’s newest line of loudspeakers offers high-fidelity sound in a sleek, trend-setting design. All models include state-of-the-art cone, tweeter and woofer technology for the ultimate in sound reproduction. Choose between their loudspeaker, home cinema and bookshelf varieties—all available in three modern finishes ideal for any home décor.

    Bold Sound Without Exception

    Expanding Your Sonic Reach

    Superb Audio Quality for Varied Environments


    Artfully Designed for Comfort and Dynamic Sound 

    Unprecedented Quality, Unlimited Range

    Discover Focal headphones that shatter the notion that headphones can’t deliver a full range of sound. Trademark inverted 'M' shape domes provide added dynamics, clarity and uniformity. Never deal with earphone fatigue with micro-perforated ear cushions and light headband design. Wireless models offer uncompressed audio quality through Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

    Ci-Fi Speakers

    Supreme Quality Suitable for Any Space in Your Home

    A Discreet Approach to High-Performance Audio

    Never sacrifice quality for style or vice versa with Focal’s custom line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. With speaker drivers showcasing all of Focal’s acoustic expertiseand technologies, custom installs are ideal for multi-room audio, home theater systems or even stereo setups. Eliminate AV clutter while enjoying Focal's trademark quality sound with speakers suitable for various room sizes and applications.

    Compact Solutions

    Elegant Mini-Speakers Pack a High-Performance Punch 

    Compact Speaker Lines for Any Application

    Never judge a speaker by its size. The Evo and Dome lines from Focal audio come inon-wall, on-ceiling, and standing varieties to fit seamlessly into any size room. Enjoythe same quality from the company’s trademark speakers without being restrained by the size of the models. You can enjoy crisp, powerful sound through these small-scale speakers sporting Polyglass cone woofers and dome flax technology.

    Home Theater Audio That Overwhelms Your Senses

    Surround Yourself With 3-D Audio

    Elevate your viewing experience with Focal home theater solutions showcasing stellar sound and the latest Dolby Atmos technology. Through the use of both horizontal and vertical waves, Focal speakers bounce sound off the ceiling to submerge you into a 3D sonic environment. Although the award-winning Sib-Evo home theater system stands out for its easy-to-deploy Dolby Atmos setup, you can also work with your local Focal dealer to integrate Dome or Ci-Fi speakers into your media environment.