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Seattle is a city that combines modern convenience with classic style, and a bit of natural beauty. And whether you’re living in Hayden, Jet City, Bellevue, or throughout Washington state, you deserve the same. From the latest trends in home theater design, to the transformative power of home lighting control, and more, our gallery showcases how smart technology can blend in with your lifestyle.   

  • Audio/Video

    Leon Eclipse Half
    Dynaudio 2
    Electric Mirror 2
    Exterior Origin 1
    IMG 9638
    IMG 9658
    Leon Illusion Half
    Leon Illusion Open
    Leon Sound Sculpture 3
    Living Room 5
    Living Room Leon Tonecase 2
    425Ideahouse 1063
    425Ideahouse 1070 HDR
    425Ideahouse 1074
    425Ideahouse 1089
    425Ideahouse 1094
  • Automation

    425Ideahouse 0712
    425Ideahouse 0717
    IMG 0641
    IMG 2556
    IMG 2614
    IMG 2621
    IMG 9696
    IMG 9702
    Master Bath 2
    Office 2 Control4 Touchpad
    Rack 2
    Rack 3
  • Lighting Control

    425Ideahouse 0289
    Campbell Kit Dng Lvg
    Dana Hamel Model D 3
    Dana Hamel Model D 4TV Art On
    Dana Hamel Model D 5
    Dixie Stark Model A 1
    Dixie Stark Model A 18
    Dixie Stark Model A 20TV Art On
    Dixie Stark Model A 21
    Dixie Stark Model A 24
    Dixie Stark Model A 26
    Dixie Stark Model A 35
    Dixie Stark Model A 38
    IMG 0846
    Jeff Lamb Bathroom Mirrors
    Jeff Lamb Bed
    Jeff Lamb Bedroom
    Jeff Lamb Bedroomchair
    Jeff Lamb DiningTV Email
    Jeff Lamb Living 2
    Jeff Lamb Living Kitchen 2
    Jeff Lamb Living KitchenTV Email
    Jeff Lamb Living
    Jeff Lamb Powder Rm. Sink
    Kitchen Shades 2
    Leon Lounge Shades Half 2
    Master Bath Shade Half
    Rich Holiday Model B 10
    Rich Holiday Model B 13
    Rich Holiday Model B 14
    Rich Holiday Model B 15
    Rich Holiday Model B 17
    Rich Holiday Model B 20
    Rich Holiday Model B 21
    Rich Holiday Model B 6
    Rich Holiday Model B 8
  • Window Treatments

    425Ideahouse 0266 HDR
    425Ideahouse 0296 HDR
    425Ideahouse 0321 HDR
    425Ideahouse 0364 HDR
    Dining Shades Half
    Escala Kitchen Shades Open Email
    Guest 1 Blackout Honeycomb Half
    IMG 0288
    IMG 0441
    IMG 9681
    Leon Lounge Shades Half
    Master Bed Shades Half 2
  • Security

    425Ideahouse 1355
    425Ideahouse 1358
  • Networking/Communication

    IMG 0690
    IMG 9416
    Rack 1
    Rack 3
    Rack 5