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Reimagine Voice Control with Josh.AI

Explore a home automation solution that brings your devices together in harmony, allows for dynamic voice control with phrases you actually remember, and a focus on privacy that is unparalleled. 

Small, But Mighty

Josh Micro may fit in the palm of your hand, but don't be fooled. This little device can power even the largest homes. With state-of-the-art voice control and intelligence built in, the Josh experience is easy yet powerful. 

Equipped with a powerful far-field microphone array, Josh Micro can hear you from across the room, providing simple hands-free assistance. With a multi-purpose capacitive touch dial, Josh Micro adapts to your latest command. Saying “Turn on the lights” transforms the touch dial to a dimmer, while “Play some music” enables volume control. Whether it's a voice command, tap, or swipe, Josh Micro makes home control effortless.

 Focus on Privacy

At, your privacy is of paramount concern. Josh takes pride in ensuring that you and your family are protected. Your data will never be sold for marketing purposes or third party advertisements. You also have the power to determine how much information your home collects. Once you have worked with your integrator to tailor your Josh system to your unique needs, you can turn off data collection completely. 

Our team is happy to provide you with these freedoms, which offer the potential for limitless personalization as well as unparalleled peace of mind.

Tailored For Your Lifestyle

Josh learns without being intrusive or obnoxious. If you like the shades closed on a hot afternoon, Josh will take note of that preference. Josh Micro was carefully crafted to fit the aesthetic of any room. Voice command any room in your home with ease. Since each Josh Micro knows its location, a simple command like "Lights on" will activate just the room you're in. With Josh Micro, the belief is that voice control should be simple! 

Josh is always learning and growing. The more you interact with your home, the more it will become a true smart home.

Manage Home From Anywhere, ANytime

The Josh App was designed to give you complete control over your home. Just tap and talk from anywhere in the world. No matter how many properties you own, you’ll find them in all in the simple-to-use interface.

Check in on your first home while traveling, before also accessing your ski home to prepare it for your arrival. Configure scenes on the fly easily and quickly. From the mobile app, tablet, or any web browser, create and run custom commands to set the perfect mood. You can add custom voice triggers and responses, giving Josh a personality sure to impress.

Natural Language Processing

Speak with your home in whatever way you feel most comfortable—Josh understands any number of nicknames for a device, room or scene. Josh's prioprietary Natural Language Processing technology lets you speak to your home naturally, like you would a family member or friend.

Even complicated queries can be effortlessly programmed, such as, “At sunrise if I’m home slowly fade the bedroom lights on, open the drapes, turn on the radio, and brew a pot of coffee.” We believe programming should be as natural as chatting with a friend, and this capability is essential to a truly connected house.

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