Lutron Lighting System and Shading Solutions

Our Wipliance team proudly partners with Lutron, a leader in lighting control, to deliver smart lighting and shading solutions for homes throughout the Seattle, Washington and Scottsdale, Arizona areas. As a trusted Lutron dealer, we can tailor any lighting control system or shading solution to match your needs.

Lutron offers a wide variety of integrated lighting solutions that are perfect for any home, from condos to expansive properties. With several styles to choose from, Lutron lighting brings elegance and functionality to any area of your home.

Lutron also has a large collection of motorized shading solutions that complement indoor and outdoor spaces in any climate, from the Emerald City of Seattle to the Valley of the Sun in Scottsdale. Choose your favorite, from honeycomb and roller shades to draperies or wood blinds, to elevate your style and help you save on energy costs.

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Explore our gallery of Lutron videos for tips on how to get the most out of your system! 

Lighting Options

Select the perfect Lutron lighting system for your home and budget, from mini applications ideal for individual room control to large, high-end systems that cover up to 10,000 zones. Explore Lutron’s three-tier lighting solutions and decide which one is best for you.


Perfect for One-Bedrooms & Condos

Caséta is a wireless lighting control system perfect for small spaces ranging from single-room solutions to small condominums. Caséta works with as many as 50 integrated devices for a space up to 2,500 square feet. Control Caséta from your smart device, voice control assistant, or Pico remote to program scenes, set lighting schedules, and receive alerts when you’re away. Even integrate with Lutron wireless shades, thermostats, and more for customized control.

  • 2,500-Square-Foot Coverage Zone
  • 50 Device Limit
  • 7,500-Square-Foot Coverage Zone
  • 200 Device Limit
  • Customizable Keyphrase Programming

RadioRA 2

Perfect for Mid-Market Single Family Homes

Lutron’s RadioRA 2 is an expanded wireless total home control system perfect for mid-range residences that measure up to 7,500 square feet. RadioRA 2 works with as many as 200 integrated devices and has a wider range of control options than Caséta, including customizable programming for keypads and dimmers. Even choose from a wide variety of keypad styles and finishes. Program scenes, set lighting schedules, receive alerts, and integrate your lights with Lutron wireless shades, as well as occupancy sensors, thermostats, and more.

HomeWorks QS

Perfect for Any Home up to Large-Scale, Expansive Properties

HomeWorks QS is the ultimate luxury home control system for large-scale residences ranging up to 50,000 square feet. HomeWorks QS works an unlimited number of devices and can integrate with shading, A/V, security, HVAC systems, and even Ketra tunable LED lighting. HomeWorks QS control goes far beyond Caséta and RadioRA 2 and offers a wide variety of keypad and dimmer panels, as well as control over all of Lutron’s beautiful lighting fixtures.

  • 50,000-Square-Foot Coverage Zone
  • 10,000 Devices
  • Customizable Keypad Programming
  • Palladiom Shades & Keypads
  • Lutron Lighting Fixtures
  • Ketra Tunable Lighting Integration
  • LED Lighting System

Motorized Shading



Lutron’s motorized shading and drapery solutions offer more than just ambiance! They’re also coupled with innovative technology that perfectly transforms your home to create the right amount of light at any time.

Save energy with Lutron shading technology that rises to naturally warm your home in the winter and lowers to block out solar heat gain in the summer. Set scenes for whole-home shading control not only for energy savings but also for safety and security when you’re away from home.

Managing your shading system is easy with a variety of controls to choose from, like keypads, IR remote controls, and mobile applications on smart devices. Even schedule your shades to follow an astronomic timeclock and adjust by themselves throughout the day!

Best of all, choose from an endless variety of fabrics and finishes that add more beauty to your home.

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