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Welcome to Luxury. 

Wipliance has partnered with LUWA Luxury Products to create an immersive show home space in Snoqualmie, Washington. This project is a culmination of world class partners in the luxury home building space- from appliances to landscaping, furniture and more. 

Wipliance is proud to showcase the latest innovations for luxury technology solutions- from audio/visual and custom TV treatments, lighting, shading and elegant home automation solutions to manage whole-home systems with ease.

Imagine a design where the light in the space could match the sky outside and dynamically shift throughout the day, or invisible speaker solutions that blend effortlessly, allowing for magical sound that delights around every corner. This tour is a fun and informative way for your team to explore luxury smart home solutions from a best-in-class provider. 

If you would like to experience a luxury smart space- look no further! A Wipliance representative would be happy to arrange a private tour for your party. 

TV Treatments

We believe that a TV doesn't need to just be a black box on the wall- even though it is typically central to your gathering spaces. From elegant custom TV treatment solutions such as the Edge Media Frame from MediaDecor by Leon Speakers, to models of TVs that are meant to showcase art when they are off- we believe your TV can compliment your design, not dictate it. 

Invisible Speakers

When you tour the Luwa Luxury home, we invite you to try and find the speakers in the great room. As they are invisible, they will be hard to see- but the rich sound that immerses the space is noteable and may give you some clues. 
Sonance Invisible speakers allow you to forego symmetry and place speakers where sound is welcome- without adding to a cluttered ceiling or wall. 

Landscape Audio
by Origin Acoustics

For sound that envelops your outdoor spaces without disturbing your neighbors, entrust Wipliance to design a landscape audio system that will keep the party flowing throughout the property. 

...and much more! 

Learn More About Our Team

Meet Wipliance

What does "Wipliance" mean?

Wipliance (wy-pliance) originates from "wireless appliance" as a lot of our technology today uses wireless signals to communicate- though many of our solutions are still wired for power and reliability when installed in new construction applications. 😊

Where are your offices located?

In addition to having our technology on display at the Luwa Luxury home, our main headquarters and showroom is located in Bellevue, Washington. 

Wipliance has several locations to provide smart spaces to our clients. We have a brand new showroom opening in Spokane, Washington to service Eastern Washington and Idaho. We also have a location in Scottsdale, Arizona with offices near Scottsdale airpark, and a luxury show home in North Scottsdale that is open by appointment only. 

What makes your team unique?

With a comprehensive smart home design comes many different layers of solutions- from lighting, shading, audiovisual, automation and more- we have members of our team with specialties in key areas; as well as a team of knowledgeable project managers to make sure all of these details come together in harmony. 

One of our core values is building people- and you will find that many of our team members have been with Wipliance for 10+ years. 

When is the best time to engage your services?

While we have many solutions that are adapatable for finished homes/retrofit projects, if you are building a new home or starting a major renovation- it's best to engage our team early so you can explore solutions that may need to be planned for in wiring and framing stages. 

As lighting becomes a key area in smart home design, we prefer to meet with your electrical team to show how our solutions will fit into the overall construction process, and it is best to have these conversations early to keep things moving smoothly. 

What is the first step to discuss a project?

We would be happy to have one of our sales representatives meet you at the LUWA Luxury home to explore the possibilities of automation. You are also welcome to visit our showroom in Bellevue. 

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