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Origin Acoustics first transformed home audio when it introduced the architectural speaker in 1976 for an immersive sound that disappeared from view. In the ensuing decades, Origin Acoustics speakers have embraced the motto of “grow, evolve, and succeed” to include a wide range of hi-fi solutions for your Seattle, WA, or Scottsdale, AZ home.

From Architectural to Outdoors

Acoustic Perfection with an Imperceptible Aesthetics

Knowing high-performance audio is at the heart of any home, Origin Acoustics is committed to delivering unprecedented sound with a minimal footprint. Employing compact designs and low-profile grills, Origin Acoustics in-ceiling and in-wall speakers blend into any environment. Rejoice in a robust, smooth sound that emerges uniformly throughout the house. Available in various sizes and models, Origin Acoustic in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers are the ideal whole home audio solution for any space.

Unleash Your Favorite Music Beyond Your Four Walls

Origin Acoustics outdoor speakers come in a wide range of durable weather-proof models ideal for your pool, backyard or patio. Origin Acoustic landscape speakers and subwoofers blend in seamlessly while offering powerful 360-degree sound. Origin landscape speakers can deliver smooth sound even in vast open areas. Outfitted with aluminum casings and air-tight designs, Origin speakers stand heat, cold, and debris. Boost your Origin outdoor speakers with dedicated amplifiers delivering 700 watts per channel.

Fortify Your Sonic Environment with Artnovion Acoustic Treatments

Beyond their award-winning speakers, Origin Acoustics offers immersive audio ecosystems through strategic partnerships with companies like Artnovion Acoustics, Audio Control, and Bang & Olufsen. Renowned for its stylistic acoustic treatments, Artnovion delivers custom solutions for media room and home theater designs while isolating each room acoustically. By offering plenty of styles, finishes and colors, stunning audio doesn’t come at the expense of your interior design.

Check Out Our Popular Panel Styles

High-End Sound and Style Align

Embrace Stellar Audio Quality Throughout Your Home
Have the best of both worlds with Origin in-ceiling, in-wall and landscape solutions delivering high-performance sound while respecting your home’s unique style. Add audio for any application with expert design and installation services from Wipliance. Now you can take advantage of Origin Acoustic’s partnerships for a sonic ecosystem incorporating the best in cabling, acoustic treatments, and more.