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Revitalize Your Outdoor Spaces with Exceptional Audio and Video Solutions

Living your best outdoor life

Smart home technology solutions don't have to be relegated to the indoors. The features outlined below can breathe new life to your outdoor spaces, whether it's a cozy heated patio with outdoor audio and video in Bellevue, Washington, or your go-to backyard entertainment area in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Relax under the stars while watching the game or listening to a curated playlist through dedicated weather-proof displays and speakers. Take advantage of heaters and shades to enjoy fresh air no matter the temperature. Wipliance can create an outdoor living design for any location or application.

Create a Dream Vacation Destination in Your Own Backyard

Landscape Audio

Whether you are enjoying a sunset in the deserts of Arizona or taking in the views of the Pacific Northwest, Wipliance can help you turn your outdoor spaces into the perfect spot for a staycation with our landscape audio solutions. 

Heard, but not seen- landscape audio offers rich, dynamic sound where you want it- and not where you don’t. Satellite and sub systems utilize many small speakers that resemble landscape lights to spread sound evenly throughout a space, perfect for homes with neighbors close by or where sound can reflect off the water. Great outdoor audio offers sound that is low and local- keeping the party going without disturbing the peace in Idaho, Washington, and Arizona.

Outdoor Shades

While dedicated outdoor AV and patio furniture are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, sitting outside in 40-degree or 100-degree weather isn’t exactly comfortable. With proper outdoor sun shades, you can enjoy your exterior spaces in every season in Lake Pend Oreille, Coeur d’Alene, ID or Sandpoint, ID.

Our team at Wipliance works with Insolroll and Screen Innovations to bring homeowners in Scottsdale and Seattle shading solutions that best fit their outdoor environments, style, and control preferences.

Outdoor TV/Projection

Stop choosing between enjoying your outdoor patio and watching your favorite sports team play on the TV inside. SunBrite’s durable LED-LCD TVs are created specifically for outdoor enjoyment, delivering superior brightness in any weather or time of day. These outdoor televisions are also completely weatherproof and resist the damaging effects of rain, dirt, bugs, extreme heat or cold, and even UV rays.

Screen Innovations offers their Nano battery powered, motorized projection screens that can be hung almost anywhere- perfect for a backyard movie night with friends and family. 

Transform the way you entertain with TV displays designed for outdoor enjoyment. Whether you’re cooling off in your swimming pool or sitting around a fire during the cool Arizona winter, you’ll never have to resort to watching your favorite shows indoors again.


Embrace Outdoor Living in Arizona

Lighting Control

Outdoor spaces shouldn’t go to waste once it’s dark out. Employ landscape lighting that automatically turns on when the sun sets for greater comfort and security. Motion sensors light up walkways to avoid tripping hazards.

SunBriteTV Displays

Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports in your Arizona room. All SunBriteTV displays are built to withstand extreme heat, debris and water. Revamp your outdoor entertainment with displays designed for shade, partial shade or direct sunlight.


Exterior surveillance cameras are your home's first line of defense. Advanced video analytics let you pinpoint threats quickly, while stellar video resolution provides vital evidence. New high-end cameras don't see a dip in the quality in dark or high-glare environments.

Weather-Proof Speakers

Never try and use indoor speakers outside as the elements will quickly damage them. Origin Acoustics designs dedicated outdoor speakers using high-quality aluminum enclosures that protect them from extreme temperatures, water, and debris.


Deploy outdoor access points to extend the reach of your Wi-Fi connection to your entire property. Have a reliable signal for streaming media, managing your smart technology, and even checking emails. Expertly designed systems help you avoid any dead spots.

Pool and Spa Automation

Before you even make it home, your pool is prepared to greet you with automated pool and spa controls. Get your go-to temperature and jet settings ready using your smartphone as you make your way home after a long workday.

Outdoor Sound System

Our outdoor sound systems make it easy to listen to your favorite recordings at any time in your Bellevue home. Through a dedicated remote, touchpad or smartphone, pull up your streaming services or media library. Enjoy a crisp, powerful sound through dedicated outdoor speakers.

Outdoor Shades

Not only do coloroutdoor shades deter the sun’s powerful rays, but they keep out heat, cold and bugs as well. Opt for Screen Innovation shades with models and colors ideal for any environment. Have seamless control of them through keypads, apps, and remotes.

Integrated Control

Adjust lighting, AV, security, shades and more from the same smart device of your choice. Not only can you manage your outdoor technology but get remote access to the technology throughout your entire home. Design scheduled changes for lighting and security.

All-Weather Solutions For Your Washington Home

Outdoor Audio

Rejoice in the perfect playlist for your patio or pool with an outdoor audio solution. Quickly pull up your favorite streaming content, access your media library, or even play your turntable audio. Design unique zones to listen to different music in each outdoor area.

Lighting Control

Light is hard to come by in the Northwestern winters, which is why landscape lighting is a vital feature for your outdoor spaces. Install overhead lights, pathway lights and more for a layered look that improves the overall comfort and safety of your family and guests.


View live footage of your outdoor spaces at any time from a dedicated mobile app. Enterprise-grade cameras offer high-quality footage in dark, shaded environments or in direct sunlight. Dedicated outdoor cameras can withstand extreme cold and water.

Patio Heaters

Achieve the perfect comfort in any weather with patio heaters linked to your smart home system. Find your favorite settings and save them for easy access. Pull them up—while at home or on your drive back—from a remote, keypad or mobile app.


Expand the reach of your Wi-Fi signal to all your outdoor spaces with expertly installed access points. Fast, reliable signals allow you to stream music, check your emails, and control any wireless smart devices without any dead spots on your property.

Weather-Resistant Components

High-performance outdoor speakers and displays deliver optimal quality while braving the elements. A sturdy metallic casing and airtight design keep them protected in freezing temperatures while keeping out rainwater and debris.

Outdoor Shades

During the cold winter months, outdoor shades do a lot more than keep out the sun’s glare. By creating a sealed enclosure around your outdoor spaces, Screen Innovations’ outdoor shades also help you keep out the cold, water and bugs.

Hidden Audio Video

Enjoy outdoor entertainment without having to ruin your outdoor décor or landscaping. Go with landscape speakers that blend with surrounding foliage and subwoofers buried in the ground. Opt for sleek under eave speakers that don’t jut out.

Smart Security

Trigger outdoor lighting and alarms whenever intruders enter your outdoor spaces. Take advantage of smart locks that let you provide temporary access codes to anyone who needs to go into your property when you’re not there.

Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with a Custom Technology Solution

Now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces with some of the technology features outlined above. Enjoy high-performance audio and video while basking in the ideal environment with the help of your local outdoor living company.

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