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Furniture That Delivers Elegance and Endurance

The Salamander Difference is all about dismantling one-size-fits-all with tailored solutions aimed to meet the unique applications in your Scottsdale, AZ, or Bellevue, WA home. Every Salamander AV cabinet and Salamander theater seating perfectly combines stunning design, specialized engineering and American craftsmanship. 

Wide-Ranging AV Cabinets for Any Application or Décor 

Salamander AV Cabinets are available in three unique, customizable models: Chameleon, Synergy, and AV Basics. Designed from an aluminum frame, the Chameleon is a sturdy and flexible option for any theater or media room. The cabinets come with active cooling and allow for easy wire management. Experience the ultimate customization with the modular Synergy line that combines various cabinets to create personalized solutions. Do you only need simple housing for your AV equipment? No line offers better value than the AV Basics collection. 

 How to Customize Your Cabinetry

Reconfigure each model easily through flexible layout options and choose from a wide range of finishes to ensure your cabinets meet both your needs and décor. Salamander Designs makes it easy to find the perfect match for your home with multiple cabinet styles and finishes available in black, white, oak and walnut. With so many options available, Salamander even offers intuitive design tools for their theater and cabinet systems.  

Recline in Style and Comfort 

Though Salamander Designs are best known for their cabinets, they bring that same construction quality and customization to their home theater seating solutions. Salamander theater seating comes in modular form to create any arrangement from single to sectional rows. Home theater ottomans and tables are also available to fill out your home theater design. Every model is ergonomically optimized for comfort with lumbar, leg and foot support. Enjoy a wide range of color options to match any style. 

Optimize Your Commercial AV Design

Never settle for a one-size-fits-all solution for your huddle rooms or boardrooms. Organize and scale your AV solutions seamlessly with flexible cabinet and table configurations from Salamander. Built specifically for commercial use, all Salamander AV cabinets and tables are easy to install and connect, ADA compliant, scalable, and available with custom finishes and footing to match your brand identity. Enjoy greater flexibility with carts and stands ideal for small huddle room installations.  

Leverage the Power of American-Crafted Solutions

Salamander AV cabinets and theater seating offer the ultimate reliability, comfort and customization. Wipliance is the go-to Salamander dealer in the Bellevue, WA, and Scottsdale, AZ areas. Our team will help you design the ideal AV environment for your home or business.