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Illuminate Your Space: Innovative Home Lighting Solutions from Wipliance


Lighting is fundamental for a happy, healthy, and safe home. From enhancing the beauty of your space, to bolstering security and managing energy usage, your lighting does a lot for your property – and looks good doing it! Smart home lighting control goes far beyond what traditional lamps and fixtures can do for your Washington, Arizona and Idaho spaces. Command every fixture from a single interface, create and save scenes that highlight your home’s best features, and rely on subtle, automatic adjustments to keep you ready for everything your day brings.

Illuminate Your Space: Innovative Home Lighting Solutions from Wipliance


Imagine your home or office perfectly lit; with a tap of a keypad effortlessly illuminating and amplifying your space and its beauty. Envision lights that are perfectly placed to highlight every part of your room, with fixtures that can automatically adjust color hues to help you focus or relax based on the time of day. At Wipliance, this is what we believe in. Whether you are building a new home or are ready to renovate your property in the Seattle, Bellevue, Coeur d’Alene or Scottsdale areas, our team of lighting designers and lighting installation specialists can help revolutionize your spaces to maximize your lighting. Our team can handle all aspects of a lighting upgrade—from lighting design services to LED light fixture placements and installation services, to installing integrated Lutron lighting control systems and motorized shades with elegant one-touch keypads and dimmers.

Lighting Design

Here at Wipliance, we recommend you start thinking about lighting right as you’re starting your renovation or new construction project. We’ll partner with your architect and carefully examine the blueprints for each room, using our expertise and our vast experience and knowledge of LED light fixtures to develop a custom lighting design that is optimized for your space’s unique needs. We take into consideration the purpose of the room as we structure the design and placement of your fixtures, using light layering, task lighting, and ambient lighting to design beautiful compositions that accentuate your interior design and architecture.

Fixture Specification

Lighting isn’t just about functionality; it’s also about beauty, elegance and elevating the space. Certainly, the lighting design is crucial—but we at Wipliance also believe that the light fixtures you select are just as important. We partner with several of the world’s leading light fixture brands to offer a variety of choices for your space, from recessed lighting installations to LED strip lighting, from sconces to landscape lighting and so much more. Not only do we ensure the look of the fixture maximizes the interior design of the space, but we also take great care in selecting bulbs that offer a color temperature and brightness that perfectly complements the look and purpose of the room as well.

Integrated Lighting Control

Just as important as the light fixtures to any room’s look and feel is the switch that controls it. Whether retrofit or new construction, we believe that the controls for your space’s lighting can be just as elegant and effective as the fixtures that amplify it. Imagine flush, sleek keypads and dimmers that offer pre-programmed color and brightness hues for specific times of the day, with the same tap even lowering your motorized shades and triggering your whole-house speaker system to lightly play your favorite music. At Wipliance, we partner with Lutron and its top-of-the-line HomeWorks and RadioRA 3 systems to deliver you stunning whole-home lighting control solutions supported by a robust home network.

Advanced Lighting Solutions

Envision lights in your home or office that are synchronized with your circadian rhythm; lights that help you focus during the day and relax in the evening or entertain at night. We at Wipliance provide our clients with tunable LED lighting solutions that are built into the infrastructure of your home or commercial space. Discover downlights, linear lights, track lights and other lamps that can be attuned to any color or brightness, including varieties of white, with controls that allow you to set the perfect scene, every time. Create automated programming for lighting that inspires you to start the day energized or encourages discussion at the dinner table. Going on a vacation? Automate your lights to turn on and off so it seems like you are home, increasing the security of your home by deterring potential intruders. We are here to provide you with the right lighting for every moment.

Experience Dynamic Lighting Control

The Right Light for Every Moment

Ketra is an innovative lighting technology that is bringing high quality, natural LED lighting solutions to homes and workplaces.This fully tunable solution is one you have to see to believe- and we invite you to experience it for yourself in our fully-immersive certified Ketra showroom

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