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Standard Warranty


Wipliance provides a standard one-year warranty on our wiring and workmanship which begins at substantial completion of the project. This warranty includes travel and onsite labor for problems related only to our workmanship and installation of equipment. 

All equipment warranties are fulfilled by manufacturers’ warranties, which do not include travel and onsite labor (unless specifically detailed in the equipment warranty).

Standard warranty covers scheduled, next available labor during business hours, (Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 3:30pm). 


Included with all Wipliance projects at no cost.

After Hours Service

If a service call occurs under the Standard Warranty, and a component is determined by its manufacturer (for whatever reason) to NOT be eligible for warranty repair, the then-prevailing business-hour Wipliance service fees apply:

  • Technician time billed in 1⁄2 hour increments, with a one hour minimum, plus parts (Install rate $125/hr, Programming rate $150/hr)
  • Travel billed at prevailing labor rate, plus travel expenses such as tolls, ferry fees and parking (both ways)

The following rates apply for after hours non warranty covered service calls:

  • Technician time billed in 1⁄2 hour increments, with a one hour minimum, plus parts (Labor Rate $250/hr)
  • Travel beyond a 10 mile radius of Wipliance repair shop billed at prevailing labor rate, plus travel expenses (both ways)

*Program excludes Alarm Systems

*For After Hours service, please call 425-702-8600, dial 2. A technician will respond to you within 24 hours.

*See Exclusions


Wipliance warranty does not cover:

  • Failure of parts and associated labor costs not covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty or recall program; and all products with less than an original one year manufacturer’s parts and labor limited warranty. 
  • Problems that result from the improper installation, operation or application of any personal computer software, whether supplied by the original manufacturer or installed after the original purchase by you or anyone else. Loss or damage to data, recording media and software is not covered.
  • Computer hardware that is added to the computer after the original purchase or failures resulting from its installation or operation.
  • Damage covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, manufacturer recall or factory bulletins (regardless of whether or not the manufacturer is doing business as an ongoing enterprise).
  • Consumer replaceable items such as batteries, including rechargeable batteries; tapes; ribbons; bulbs, including LCD projector bulbs; data storage media; ink and toner cartridges and drums; fuses; replaceable fluids; or any other parts or materials which are designed to be consumed during the life of the product.
  • Failures of the following non-operational components such as but not limited to: cabinetry and cabinet frames, decorative finishing, cabinets, liners, glass, handles, hinges, knobs, monitor antiglare screens and stands. Cosmetic damage is not covered. Defects that do not inhibit the proper operation and performance of covered items are not covered.
  • Personal computer monitor screen damage or imperfections, including ‘burn-in’ or burned CRT or LCD screen materials, caused by prolonged display of one or more signal(s). Such damage is considered abuse and is excluded.
  • Customer education and guidance; Your failure to follow the instructions described in the product’s owner’s manual; Your failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and requirements; this Contract does not cover any user facilitated minor adjustments and settings outlined in the product’s owner’s manual.
  • Any service request which results in a diagnosis that the product has not failed to perform as designed.
  • Conditions which existed prior to your purchase and delivery of the product. Special, indirect,incremental or consequential damages; loss of use.
  • Loss or accidental physical damage by any external cause such as but not limited to: Acts of God such as earthquake, fire, hail, sand, water or windstorm; animal or insect infestation or damage; civil disorders; corrosion; dirt or dust; malicious mischief; nuclear accident; riot; rust; spilled liquids; theft; vandalism or war.
  • Failure resulting from normal wear and tear.
  • Problems associated with signal interference, wireless reception, radio signal quality, television signal quality or other types of signal problems.
  • Problems that result in a loss of, surge or fluctuation in power, including any required reprogramming or calibration.
  • Vibrations, buzzing or rattles in the structure as a result of the installed equipment.
  • Costs not covered include travel and all related expenses for the projects outside of a 30 mile radius from Wipliance.
  • Problems associated with third party changes in; channels, program content, or any other changes outside the control of Wipliance. 

Wipliance Care

Wipliance offers several extended service care plans to maintain the life of your system long after installation is done.

Some of the benefits of Wipliance Care packages include: 

  • Priority Scheduling

  • 24/7 Phone Support

  • Wipliance Care Service Credits 

  • ...and more!