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What Can a Day Look Like with Whole-Home Lighting Control?

Imagine the Possibilities with Smart Lighting Control and Automation

What Can a Day Look Like with Whole-Home Lighting Control?

Smart lighting control is widely celebrated as a convenient and energy-efficient home technology solution. It allows homeowners to personalize their spaces with the perfect light for any task or mood using simple one-tap controls and automation. So, how might that look in a real day of your life?

While there are virtually endless ways to use a whole-home lighting control system to simplify and enhance your unique lifestyle, let’s walk through a few inspiring examples so you can imagine what it might be like to live with intelligent lighting control and automation in your Fountain Hills, AZ home.

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Arriving to an Inviting Home

The sun is setting as you drive up to your property after a long workday. The garage and porch lights turn on automatically to greet you and lead the way into your home. When you enter, the foyer lights and hallway lamps illuminate on their own as well, welcoming you in and transforming your home from a dark house to an inviting haven—without requiring you to flip any switches. Meanwhile, your tunable lights are warm and amber in color temperature to match the sunset and encourage relaxation.

Preparing a Meal in the Kitchen

It’s time to cook! As you walk into the kitchen, you tap the “Cooking” scene-control button on your personalized wall keypad to transform the lighting instantly. Recessed lights, pendants, and under-cabinet lighting turn on and shine a cool-white hue to encourage focus as you read your recipe and chop vegetables. When it’s time to eat, you tap the “Dining” button on the same keypad, which dims and warms your lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for a cozy dinner.

Relaxing with a Movie in the Media Room

Before bed, you’d like to wind down with a glass of wine and a movie in the media room. You sit on the couch and forget to adjust the lights, so you ask your voice control assistant to adjust them for you: “Alexa, turn on ‘Movie’ scene.” Overhead lights turn off, lamps dim to 20%, and the TV backlight illuminates as you select your movie. With integrated motorized shades, the same command can close your window treatments to eliminate glare during the day or increase privacy at night.

Retreating to the Bedroom for Sleep

It’s late, and you’re ready to say goodnight. Your bedroom lights have already dimmed and warmed to set the scene for rest. As you walk into the closet to put clothes away, an occupancy sensor detects your presence and turns the light on for you. You crawl into bed and reach for the tabletop keypad on your bedside table or open an app on your smartphone to tap the “Goodnight” scene, which shuts off the lights in your bedroom and throughout the house in one fell swoop.

Leaving for Work or Errands

You’re rushing out the door to get to your next destination. Just before you leave, you tap the “Away” button on a nearby wall keypad that turns off the lights in certain rooms but keeps others on for security. After you’re away, you get a call that your visiting family is arriving earlier than you expected. With this news, you open your mobile app and remotely turn on living room and foyer lights early so that your home feels warm and welcoming for them as they arrive.

Lighting control and automation help make your life simpler, safer, and more luxurious. With smart dimmers and switches, scene control, scheduling, voice commands, and remote access, lighting your home has never been more customizable.

Work with Wipliance to design the perfect lighting control system for your home and budget. For a free consultation, contact us here or send us a message below! We’re excited to hear from you.

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