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How to Be a Master Entertainer with Lutron Lighting Control

The Right Lighting Helps Make Any Festivity Feel More Special

How to Be a Master Entertainer with Lutron Lighting Control
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What makes a party special? Any great host knows that lighting is key to setting the perfect atmosphere for any festivity—right along with the music, food, and company. When lighting is an afterthought, it can make your get-togethers feel lackluster or entirely uncomfortable.

Even during a socially distant season, where parties are reduced to small groups or celebrated virtually, you can create an evening to remember within your Kirkland, WA home with the right lighting controls and fixtures. Below are some key tips on how to enhance the fun for any celebration using Lutron lighting control.

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Start with Natural Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes a host can make with event lighting is using too much light. Before introducing artificial lighting into your spaces, start with available natural light first—even if it’s moonlight. From there, you can layer in artificial lighting where needed. Consider task and accent lighting sources, like pendants, chandeliers, and table lamps, to avoid over-lighting and creating an unpleasant environment.

 Avoid Harsh Overhead Lighting

Like we mentioned, starting with accent and task lighting is key to avoiding an over-lit home. If possible, it’s best to keep recessed lights off and use soft lighting from eye-level sources instead. However, if you must use overhead lights, use a dimmer. Lutron lighting control makes it easy for you to dim any and every light source within your home to the perfect brightness from a mobile app, wall keypad, or with simple voice command so you can set or adjust the mood in seconds and get back to your event.

Take Advantage of Warm Dimming

When you pair Ketra tunable LEDs with your Lutron lighting control system, you can fine-tune the color temperature of all your fixtures to craft the ideal party environment for any time of day. Warm and dim your lights to create the cozy glow of amber incandescent bulbs, which is perfect for evening gatherings. If your event is in the late morning or early afternoon, take advantage of natural lighting first and then use Lutron to adjust your lights to a brighter, cooler daylight white to match the natural light outdoors.

Get Creative with Color

Ketra tunable LEDs don’t only offer an impressive range of pristine whites; they also feature the widest spectrum of color so that you can drench your spaces in vibrant blues, pinks, reds, greens, and more. Perfect for themed celebrations, such as gender reveal parties and holidays, Ketra tunable LEDs offer unlimited flexibility for transforming your home into a dedicated party spot.

Whether you’re celebrating in person or hosting a virtual get-together from your home via Zoom, your guests will love the added touch of color within your space. The Lutron app makes it easy to quickly dial in the perfect colors in any room—even outdoors. Or use a wall keypad to activate preset lighting scenes in a single button tap. You can also call up lighting scenes or adjust light fixtures to your liking using voice control assistants from Google, Amazon, Apple, or

Even in a socially distant season, the right lighting can make every event feel more special. Discover the difference of tunable lighting control from Lutron and Ketra for your home. Wipliance can help you get started! Book a free consultation by filling out our contact form or sending us a live chat below now.

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