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Looking for Aesthetic Options for Your Smart Home Project?

Lutron Palladiom Keypads, Thermostats and Shades Add a Sophisticated Touch

Looking for Aesthetic Options for Your Smart Home Project?

Smart home technology doesn’t have to be tacky. In fact, the right applications can even elevate your home décor. If you’re a technology enthusiast who also has an eye for sophisticated design, you should consider the Lutron Palladiom line of control keypads, thermostats, and motorized shades for your home. Effortlessly control your lights and climate with aesthetic options for every project and budget.

Keep reading to learn more about the distinct character of Lutron Palladiom keypads, thermostats, and motorized shades and why we love them for any haute home in Kirkland, WA.

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Smart Yet Beautiful Control Keypads

We’ve gushed about the elegance of Lutron Palladiom keypads on these pages before, and for good reason. We love that these control keypads strike a balance between form and function. They’re intuitive in operation yet sophisticated in design. You’ll still enjoy the tactile feel of real buttons but have the opportunity to customize your keypads for virtually any configuration.

Custom-engraved buttons can control lights, temperature, and shades in one or multiple areas of the home, and you can even create personalized scenes like “Entertain” and “Dine” to set the perfect ambiance. Whether you want a 2-button or 2-gang keypad, craft the perfect combinations for effortless control of your home. Keypad colors and finishes abound to complement any unique style. Choose from glass, matte, or metal finishes and colors that span from white to beige, chrome, copper, black, and more.


Coordinated Thermostats for a Finished Look

Lutron Palladiom thermostats coordinate with Palladiom keypads for a cohesive style across your entire home. As you’ll notice in the photo above, the Palladiom thermostat sports a large backlit LCD display that’s incredibly easy to see and use. Like the Palladiom keypads, the Palladiom thermostat features button backlighting that adjusts automatically for perfect viewing during the day and night.

You can also command your Palladiom thermostats from afar with the Lutron Connect app. Monitor and adjust your home’s temperature while you’re away as well as when you’re home. This feature is perfect for vacation or guest homes. You can also set your thermostat to a schedule from the app or use geofencing to automatically adjust the thermostat to an eco-friendly setting when you’re away.


Shades for the Most Sophisticated Homes

Lutron Palladiom shades have redefined the automated shading category. These state-of-the-art roller shades are designed for elegantly exposed applications. They’re installed without a fascia, pocket, or recess and look beautiful from every angle. Just like all Lutron shades, Palladiom shades feature whisper-quiet performance when lifting and lowering so that they never disturb. Their hand-finished aluminum brackets are available in complementary finishes to match your keypads and thermostats.

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Another standout feature of Lutron’s Palladiom shades is their ability to sit perfectly inside a window frame without any exposed hardware. Their structural tube extends to the end of the frame on each side and appears to be floating in midair. Additionally, Palladiom shades can be installed above or on a window frame if that’s the look you prefer. Choose from a wide variety of fabric types, including sheer, translucent, and room-darkening fabrics.

Lutron Palladiom defies the notion that technology must follow function over form. The truth is that you can have both: breathtaking home technology that works hard to make your life easy. Enjoy intuitive smart home control and elevate your home décor at the same time.

Ready to bring Lutron Palladiom to your home? To learn more, contact our team here or send us a live chat below. We look forward to working with you.

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