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Explore Beautiful New Palladiom Shading Finishes from Lutron

Celebrate Your Unique Style with New Bracket Finishes that Complement Any Home Décor

Explore Beautiful New Palladiom Shading Finishes from Lutron

As a certified Lutron dealer, we’re committed to keeping you updated on the latest innovations from the leader of home lighting and shading solutions. From next-generation roller shades to new lighting fixtures, mobile app upgrades and more, you can count on Wipliance to have the latest offerings.

In this blog, we’re sharing with you the newly released bracket styles from Palladiom, Lutron’s luxury shading line. Palladiom fits the bill for those who want the pinnacle of sophistication and functionality for their motorized window treatments. You can learn more about the Palladiom line here.

Read on to discover the new aesthetics from Palladiom and how to elevate your Phoenix, AZ home.

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Which Bracket Finishes Are New?

The Palladiom line features three types of hand-finished brackets that elegantly hold your shades in place depending on how they are installed. The end bracket, center bracket, and jamb bracket were first offered in pure white, black anodized, clear anodized, and satin nickel finishes. See the clear anodized end bracket in the photo above.

Though these finishes are still available, Lutron recently released three new finishes: brass, satin graphite, and opal white. These new finishes make Palladiom shades a viable option across even more residential designs and styles. Plus, the brass finish adds a warm finish option among a dominantly cool selection.

What Other Hardware Does Lutron Offer for Palladiom Shading?

Beyond shading brackets, Palladiom features a variety of styles for bottom shading rails and faceplates for thermostats and on-wall control keypads. Bottom rails are made of extruded aluminum and can be fabric-wrapped or exposed to show off metal finishes. When rolled up, the hem bars hide cleverly behind the negative space of the shade.

The Palladiom thermostat and keypad faceplates come in a variety of finishes as well. Choose from many metal shades, matte shades, and clear white or clear black glass. Available too is the new brass finish, which expands the thermostat and keypad style offering to match the new brass shading brackets.

What Sets Palladiom Apart from Other Shades?

The Lutron Palladiom line boasts a variety of features that set it apart from its competitors. A notable differentiator is the ultra-quiet precision control drive. Lutron is famous for this heard-but-not-seen technology in all its shading lines, and Palladiom continues that tradition. Motors are impossible to perceive when shades move and stop so as not to wake you or disturb the activity at hand.

Palladiom is especially exceptional for designers looking to differentiate their spaces or for homeowners looking to add value to their properties. Palladiom is a beautiful shading solution that features hand-finished exposed hardware for the world’s most exquisite homes. Shades are designed from end-to-end to cleverly conceal all wiring and programming interfaces, boasting a continuously clean look that’s both minimalist and sophisticated.

How Can I Upgrade My Lutron Shading Hardware?

It’s easy—just contact us to schedule a consultation! We can assess your existing shading hardware and then suggest and install the Palladiom upgrades that best complement your style. We’re continuing to serve our Arizona clients while practicing recommended CDC safety guidelines.

Our team is always ready to assist you. If you’re interested in learning more about the Palladiom shading line or how to upgrade your existing shading hardware, contact us here or send us a live chat below now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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