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Video Spotlight: A Vacation Home Transformation in Scottsdale


Explore the Lighting, AV, and Security Upgrades We Installed 

Picture your dream smart home. What technology does it include? How does it fit in with your style? Now open your eyes, check out our latest video, and see how it compares! Our very own Lee Travis is back to showcase one of our latest installations: a vacation home in North Scottsdale, Arizona, featuring Control4 automation, sophisticated lighting design, and immersive outdoor entertainment spaces. 

Watch our latest video or keep reading below for more details on the project.   

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Remote Monitoring and Control 

Since this is not the client’s primary residence, remote control was one of the top priorities. Most important was remote access to let in contractors or guests and surveillance to check in on the home anytime. As with most second homes, the client wanted seamless control to be able to jump in and enjoy their stay immediately.  

Lighting Design

We also significantly improved the client’s lighting design. First, we retrofitted LED bulbs to the ceiling for a more modern aesthetic. Then, we focused on adding layers, primarily through the use of linear lighting. This lighting helped to highlight certain features—like coves and the wine fridge—and added functionality with fixtures above cabinets and under the bathroom’s vanity mirror. 

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Introducing Wipliance's New Spokane Showroom


An Interactive Hub of Smart Technology Is Underway 

Wipliance is excited to share updates on our upcoming Spokane showroom. As construction advances, the installation of sophisticated lighting, modern cabinets, and final finishes is well underway. Once finished, this showroom promises to be the ultimate destination for those who want to demo the best technology in the AV and smart home industries. 

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Wipliance's Own Lee Travis Speaks at KBIS with Lutron


A Spotlight on Lighting Control Innovation in Bellevue, WA

Lighting control is right at the heart of cutting-edge technology. It's no longer just about flicking switches on and off. Now, it's about crafting the ideal ambiance while cutting down on energy usage. Lighting control in Bellevue, WA, has completely revolutionized how we light up our homes.

We'll explore the key features that are changing how we light up our homes. Keep reading to discover more about the fascinating world of lighting control innovation.

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101 Guide to Lutron Shading

Lutron Sivoia shades in a dining room

Discover the Style & Convenience of Luxury Shades from Wipliance

Imagine transforming the look and feel of a space with the simple touch of a button. Automated window treatments offer a blend of convenience and high-end sophistication, adding functionality that elevates any space. 

Wipliance has a long history of merging class with technological innovation, and one shading brand we love to incorporate into our clients’ homes is Lutron. Read along below for our 101 Guide to Lutron Shades and be sure to head over to our YouTube page to watch our latest video comparing Lutron’s best shading options. 

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Which Lutron Lighting System Is Right for You?

Lee Travis is presenting in a room showcasing the Lutron lighting control systems. Logos of Caséta, RadioRA 3, and Homeworks are superimposed on the image.

A Quick Overview of the Caseta, RadioRA3, and Homeworks Systems

One of the reasons Lutron is our go-to lighting control partner is their flexibility. From the entry-level Caseta to the comprehensive whole-home Homeworks solution, finding the perfect match for our clients is easy. So, what would be the right fit for you? We've done the hard work for you! In our latest video, Wipliance's own Lee Travis explains the difference between each. 

Don't have time to watch right now? Don't worry; we also outline the main differences below. 

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