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Which Lutron Lighting System Is Right for You?

Lee Travis is presenting in a room showcasing the Lutron lighting control systems. Logos of Caséta, RadioRA 3, and Homeworks are superimposed on the image.

A Quick Overview of the Caseta, RadioRA3, and Homeworks Systems

One of the reasons Lutron is our go-to lighting control partner is their flexibility. From the entry-level Caseta to the comprehensive whole-home Homeworks solution, finding the perfect match for our clients is easy. So, what would be the right fit for you? We've done the hard work for you! In our latest video, Wipliance's own Lee Travis explains the difference between each. 

Don't have time to watch right now? Don't worry; we also outline the main differences below. 

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Home Automation and Entertainment Trends in 2024


Discover the Latest Innovations in Smart Home Living

Smart home innovation is exploding nationwide, with homeowners using seamless technology to manage their homes with one touch or voice command. As with all technology, home automation continually advances, offering new and better at an unprecedented rate. 

So, what does 2024 have in store for us?, the voice assistant created for smart homes, now offers one-touch control via an intuitive interface. Small aperture lighting has also made the headlines as a growing design trend. And one of the most talked about trends at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was transparent TVs.

It’s an incredible world, and technology shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s explore these 2024 trends and how they affect homes in Spokane, WA.

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A Peek into the Ultimate Smart Home and Theater Integration in Snoqualmie Mountains

An elegant living room with a cozy fireplace an high-fidelity speakers.

Discover the Cozy Little Nook We Created in This Luxury Home!

In the picturesque landscapes of Snoqualmie, Washington, Wipliance has created a masterpiece of smart home technology integration. This breathtaking residence, nestled in the heart of nature, boasts an unparalleled fusion of luxury and cutting-edge entertainment. 

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From Boats to Buildings: Inside Stancraft's Smart Home

An elegant outdoor space on the shores of the Spokane River illuminated by Ketra lighting.

Discover how we created a unique smart living experience right on the shores of the Spokane River!

In the picturesque Coeur D'Alene, ID, the Stancraft Construction Group, which has a rich history of craftsmanship that started with boats back in 1933, is blending the uniqueness of customized construction projects with the modern marvels of smart home technology, all thanks to the collaboration with Wipliance.

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Discover The Hidden Marvels of This Washington Ski Chalet

An elegant media room revealing a TV hidden behind artwork.

Wipliance expertly combines technology with sophistication!

To create the perfect winter retreat, understanding the significance of harmonizing cutting-edge technology with impeccable design is key. At Wipliance, we believe that technology should enhance, not dominate, your living space. One of our most recent projects, a picturesque Washington Ski Chalet, exemplifies this philosophy perfectly, offering a blend of sophistication and innovation.

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