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Considering Gigabit Internet Service? Here’s What to Know First

Get More Out of Gig Speeds with an Optimized Home Network Installation

Considering Gigabit Internet Service? Here’s What to Know First

Gigabit is the next big thing in home internet. Also known as ultra-high-speed internet, gigabit internet service offers uncompromising speeds and performance for streaming, online learning, video conferencing, gaming, and all the other online activities you do at home in Bellevue, WA.

Gigabit internet runs on fiber-optic cable, a light-driven data technology that offers lightning-fast speeds due to its higher data capacity and lack of interference. The result? Dramatically faster download and upload speeds, sometimes 10-20 times better. Enjoy everything you do online already—but more of it, and faster.

If you’re considering gigabit internet service, there are a few things you need to do before calling your ISP to ensure your home network can support gigabit internet. While our home network installation services include everything you need to get you up to speed, below is a quick checklist you can follow to maximize internet performance.

Stay Connected and Secure with a Professional Home Network

As Online Activity Surges in the Home, Make Sure Your Network Can Keep Up

Stay Connected and Secure with a Professional Home Network

Your home is filled with devices that connect to the internet. From your smartphones and laptops to your smart TVs, security system, and home automation system, your lifestyle at home depends upon a plethora of connected devices that help you live more comfortably and conveniently.

Now, people in Seattle, WA and around the country are experiencing new changes within their homes, such as remote work and online learning, which is putting even more strain on their home networks. Can yours handle the increased demands?

Our home network installation services help you stay connected and secure when it matters most. Keep reading to learn why you may want to reconsider your existing home network infrastructure and what you can expect when you call on Wipliance for an upgrade.

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