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Set the tone and keep patrons coming back with a customized restaurant sound system that your whole staff can easily manage. Learn more here.

Project Spotlight: Custom Audio-Video Upgrade at Cactus Restaurant

Wipliance Delivers an Integrated Solution for AV, Lights and More

Project Spotlight: Custom Audio-Video Upgrade at Cactus Restaurant

Known for its lively atmosphere and delicious Southwestern menu, Cactus opened its first eatery in the 90s and now has six thriving locations throughout the Seattle area. If you love tapas and hand-crafted cocktails, you’ll love Cactus. Plus, select locations are now open for patio and indoor open-air dining.

In 2016, the Cactus location in Kirkland chose Wipliance to design and install an integrated solution for AV, lights, and security. The result was an easy-to-use system that gave staff quick multi-zone control of their restaurant sound system and other technology so they could spend more time with customers.

But that’s not all Wipliance accomplished for the restaurant. Read below to learn more about the tailored solutions we created for Cactus and how they’ve benefited the Kirkland location.

3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Quality Sound System

The Right Music Strategy Can Positively Impact Your Restaurant Sales

3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Quality Sound System

Music and dining have been a popular pair for centuries. In fact, it would be quite unsettling today to walk into a restaurant or bar in Seattle, WA that isn’t accompanied by tone-setting background music. Whether patrons notice it or not, the music you play at your eatery greatly affects their impression of your establishment as well as their purchase behaviors.

A well-developed music strategy can positively impact your restaurant sales. If you want to encourage faster turnover or sway diners to buy top-shelf options, you need a quality restaurant sound system, multi-zone control, and the right music to make it happen. Keep reading to discover three benefits you’ll receive when you implement strategic use of a restaurant sound system.