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Extend Your Living Space with Beautiful Landscape Lighting

Let an Outdoor Lighting Installation Company Create Your Enchanting Backyard Retreat

Extend Your Living Space with Beautiful Landscape Lighting

It’s coming. Can you feel it? Spring is hiding right around the corner, followed close on its heels by our favorite season in Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID. Soon, it will be time to tuck away our snow boots, ignite the outdoor grill and firepit, and gather with friends and family in the beautiful outdoor spaces our area provides.

Are you ready to make this the best outdoor season yet? For some homeowners, that translates to outdoor entertainment areas that rival their indoor media room. Here, you’ll find the latest outdoor 4K UHD TVs with crystal-clear images in broad daylight and landscape speakers that deliver corner-to-corner high-fidelity sound throughout the property. It’s a space for entertaining, movies under the stars, and outdoor dining embraced by your favorite musicians.

Some clients want more of an outdoor retreat, an oasis to enjoy after a long day. Their space comprises a spa, seating areas nestled in the trees and foliage, and a patio designed for quiet conversation and dinners under a full moon. No matter your intention or lifestyle, our team of experts at Wipliance can create it. 

The element that always adds the defining touch and creates a space of beauty, elegance, and wonder you can enjoy long into the evening is artfully designed landscape lighting. As a leading custom integration and outdoor lighting installation company, we can help you live your best outdoor life.

Let’s explore the latest in landscape lighting.

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Creating a Space of Beauty

Creating beautiful evening exteriors starts with a consultation. Every client is unique, and so is their vision. By incorporating varying lighting fixtures, techniques, colors, and designs, we create the ambiance and mood for your life’s many enjoyments. 

A few limitless possibilities include beautiful brass Tiki torches that create a warm and inviting ambiance. Shadowing provides depth and intrigue throughout your outdoor areas while grazing softly illuminates trees and walls. Uplighting using bullet or well lights brings beautiful illumination to plants, trees, and your home’s best architectural features. Moonlighting is achieved by placing tree lights on the highest branches, mimicking the soft, enchanting glow of the moon.

For those who regularly dine outdoors, we'll create the perfect ambiance they envision, from an outdoor café with elegant string lights and lighting resembling candlelight to a warm, intimate atmosphere laced with the glow of soft amber lighting. We can also highlight water features with underwater lights that create a mystical blue-green aura.

Effortless Control

When integrated with your home automation system, you experience one-touch control of your outdoor lighting and entertainment. Press the ‘Al Fresco Dining’ button, and specific lights throughout your outdoor area illuminate, the fire pit ignites, and your ‘Beauty of the Outdoors’ playlist fills the air.

Thanks to outdoor shades and cozy heated patios, we can create four-season outdoor spaces that enable you to enjoy beautiful lighting and outdoor entertainment no matter the weather. To learn more about the many outdoor lighting and entertainment options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.