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Work with the Leading Home Automation Contractor in Scottsdale

Enjoy the Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Work with the Leading Home Automation Contractor in Scottsdale

According to Oberlo, in 2023, over 60 million U.S. households are using smart devices. This figure represents over 46% of the total number, meaning almost half of all families have adopted smart technology. That is genuinely remarkable, considering the technology only dates back to 1975. 

Why the astronomical rise? Smart devices offer convenience and efficiency and enhance a home’s design. Some of the most popular devices are smart light bulbs, video doorbells, and smart thermostats, each controlled via their own apps. A smart device, however, is much different from a smart home. 

As a home automation contractor serving Scottsdale, AZ, since 2006, Wipliance has witnessed the incredible advancements and immense possibilities today's intelligent home brings. We're proud to be a part of this exciting industry, bringing our clients best-in-class technology that’s easy to use. 

Let's explore what this technology offers and why homeowners choose Wipliance for their smart home needs.

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Home Automation Vs. Smart Device

A smart home brings all your connected devices and systems under the control of a home automation platform. Not only do they communicate with the platform, but also with each other. Now, when the heat of the noonday sun causes your south-facing shades to lower, your lighting adjusts to maintain the perfect illumination. 

When someone rings the doorbell at night, the porch light comes on. And when you press the ‘Good Bye’ button on the keypad by the door, your lights and AV equipment turn off, the shades lower, the thermostat adjusts, the doors lock, and the alarm arms.

Working with a Home Automation Contractor 

This level of integration requires a home automation contractor who is highly knowledgeable in the system's intricacies. At Wipliance, we partner with Control4, the world leader in home automation. As a Control4 Diamond Dealer, our clients know we think beyond a smart home that manages the lighting, climate, shades, security, and entertainment. 

Because of our extensive experience, we know the tens of thousands of third-party consumer devices a Control4 system works with. If connected correctly, you and your smart home can effortlessly manage virtually everything in your home from one platform. 

Even better? Each of our smart homes offers unparalleled personalization tailored to your family’s lifestyle. The result is an amazing ecosystem of interconnected devices that make life more comfortable, enjoyable, and truly stunning.

A Scalable System

Of course, not every client wants the ultimate smart home immediately. Some want to experience the incredible beauty and ease an automated lighting system brings. Others want to start with whisper-quiet motorized shades. We take the time to understand the automation that would bring you the greatest benefits, developing scalable solutions that you can add to as you realize the full potential of smart home living. 

What is the true potential of a smart home? Imagine crystal-clear music that fills your home from an unseen source, lights that change to every color imaginable with one touch, a home theater that offers an immersive cinematic experience, and a home that prepares itself for every occasion. The possibilities are truly endless. To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.