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Articles in Category: Home Surveillance Camera Installation Spokane, WA

Wipliance provides home surveillance camera installations to households across the Spokane, WA, area. Continue reading to explore our services and learn more! 

Luma’s New AI-Powered Home Surveillance Cameras

See How the Latest Home Surveillance Technology Can Protect Your Washington Home

Luma’s New AI-Powered Home Surveillance Cameras

Did you know that the earliest CCTV surveillance cameras became available to the public in 1949? While they were groundbreaking new technology at the time, the 1949 cameras couldn’t record, were large and clunky, and required constant monitoring. 

Since then, surveillance technology has consistently evolved to perform better and keep people safer. Just recently, the surveillance manufacturer Luma unveiled a new line of products, the x20 collection, that are fully NDAA-compliant and will change the way homeowners protect their homes. 

If you’re in the market for a home surveillance camera installation, Luma’s new x20 cameras should be on your radar. Here’s how the latest technology can protect your Spokane, WA, home.