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The new Touchscreen offers an easy-to-use interface, incorporating touch and voice control. Explore the unique features and benefits!

Meet the New Touchscreen for Effortless Smart Home Living

Experience One-Touch and Voice Control from a Beautiful, Intuitive Interface

Meet the New Touchscreen for Effortless Smart Home Living

At Wipliance, we’re always excited to introduce the latest technology that will enhance our clients’ lives. In today’s world, there are many such introductions! 

You may be familiar with, the voice assistant designed for smart homes. This revolutionary technology transforms how you interact with your smart home, asking it to complete tasks much as you would a friend. The difference is that Josh is never too busy to lend a helping hand.

Recently, the ever-evolving brand came out with the Touchscreen, a beautiful addition to its growing interfaces. Let’s discover what this state-of-the-art technology offers homeowners and the benefits it brings to smart home living in Spokane, WA.