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Wipliance is your premier lighting designer and smart home integrator serving Scottsdale, AZ. Contact us to explore today's limitless possibilities in intelligent lighting. 

Tips for Partnering With the Right Lighting Designer

Successfully Navigate the Process of Choosing the Perfect Lighting Design Professional for Your Project

Tips for Partnering With the Right Lighting Designer

Within the intriguing universe of home design, the impact of good lighting is not just limited to functionality–it shapes the atmosphere, mood, and overall appearance of your client’s home. Creating remarkable lighting design comes with an integration of creativity, expertise, and, naturally, experience. 

Whether you’re working on a new build or a full-blown home renovation, it's important to understand what to look for in a professional lighting design partner. Let’s explore valuable tips on hiring the right lighting designer in Scottsdale, AZ.

Enjoy the Perfect Lighting for Every Occasion

The Combined Power of a Lighting Designer and Home Automation Expert

Enjoy the Perfect Lighting for Every Occasion

As the interior designer and author Martyn Lawrence Bullard stated, "Lighting is everything. It creates atmosphere, drama, and intrigue in a room.” Lighting affects everything it touches, from fabrics to fine works of art. It is the medium that allows us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Even the people within a home are transformed by the light that illuminates a space.

As a premier lighting designer and home automation expert serving Scottsdale, AZ, Wipliance helps clients create masterpieces with light, from the beauty of sunlight filtering through the windows to the light that shines from unseen sources and elegant fixtures. It’s light that’s controlled from a high-resolution touchscreen and custom-engraved keypads and changes with one touch for the tasks at hand.

It brings an almost undefinable elegance and ease of living. Let’s explore the possibilities.