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Your Scottsdale, AZ, home would benefit from a motorized patio screen installation from an outdoor technology specialist like Wipliance. Enhance outdoor spaces with us.

Holiday Comfort with Motorized Patio Screens

Beat the Arizona Elements Not Just This Season But Every Season

Holiday Comfort with Motorized Patio Screens

As the holiday season approaches in Scottsdale, AZ, everyone is gearing up for festive social gatherings, alfresco dinners, and cozy evenings under the stars. We’re happy to have mild weather and cooler temperatures this time of year, but the desert climate and its unique challenges sometimes put a damper on our outdoor plans. 

With motorized patio screens, your outdoor patio areas become holiday-ready, offering protection against the elements, those pesky desert pests, and more. Keep reading below to learn a few more benefits of this innovative smart home solution.