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 Wipliance is your premier recessed lighting installation company and home automation firm serving Kirkland, WA. Call us to learn about the latest options. 

The Latest Recessed Lighting Offers Beauty and Elegance

The Benefits of Working with a Home Automation & Recessed Lighting Installation Company

The Latest Recessed Lighting Offers Beauty and Elegance

Recessed lighting offers benefits unlike any other type of lighting. It provides general ambient light that softly fills a room, focused task lighting to illuminate areas where we perform everyday activities, and accent lighting for our home’s best architectural features and fine works of art. 

This lighting promotes a clean, streamlined look, sitting flush with the ceiling. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s also effortless to manage and can incorporate today’s full-spectrum LED lighting. We are a home automation and recessed lighting installation company serving Kirkland, WA since 2006. We partner with leading brands to create custom technology solutions in lighting design and control.