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After hiring a smart lighting company, you’ll control all your home’s lights with one touch of a button. Learn more from Wipliance in Medina, WA. 

How a Smart Lighting Company Transforms Outdoor Spaces

Extend Golden Hour All Night with an Outdoor Lighting Design

How a Smart Lighting Company Transforms Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lighting is about more than safety and security (although that’s important, of course). Tastefully designed landscape lights accentuate your home and outdoor areas in an all-new light, bringing comfort and warmth to areas that otherwise would be hidden in shadows. And as we head into winter, creating a warmer atmosphere is more important than ever.

To achieve such luxurious outdoor lighting, you’ll need more than a porch light or pair of string lights. Partnering with a smart lighting company like Wipliance in Medina, WA, provides a tailored design and installation that lets you customize the mood anytime.

Here’s our process behind designing, installing, and programming outdoor smart lighting!