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Introducing Lumaris: Lutron’s New Smart Tape Light

The First Professional-Grade Tunable Tape Lighting Solution

Introducing Lumaris: Lutron’s New Smart Tape Light

LED tape lights have become a popular lighting design motif in recent years, appearing in many homes across Washington. The flexible, thin LED strips add a touch of light under cabinets, around mirrors and TVs, and inside bookshelves—virtually anywhere you want. But to date, controlling tape light has been its own issue. There hasn’t been a simple, sophisticated way to intelligently control tape lights—until Lumaris. 

Lumaris is Lutron’s first tape lighting solution that allows users to remotely adjust the color temperature and intensity, creating a range of moods and effects. As a Lutron dealer in the Liberty Lake, WA, area, Wipliance can provide your home with Lutron and other smart lighting solutions

Learn how Lumaris works and get inspired below!