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Wipliance is your premier home automation expert in Spokane, WA. Discover how we integrate design and technology for optimum living.

The Key to Effortless Living: Hidden Technology & Home Automation

Maintain a Tranquil Environment While Enjoying the Best Home Entertainment

The Key to Effortless Living: Hidden Technology & Home Automation

Lee Travis, founder and owner of Wipliance, is committed to transforming homes into an automated oasis of beauty, ease, and incredible entertainment. The challenge, of course, comes in retaining a home’s aesthetics while incorporating the latest technology. How do you bring breathtaking images and sound to every room and outdoor space while limiting the bulky equipment and electronic boxes? 

As Lee deftly states, it’s about “all the bass, not in your space.” 

At Wipliance, they’ve spent almost 20 years redefining what’s possible in home entertainment, automation, and hidden technology. Let’s explore the latest solutions and how to enhance the beauty of your Spokane, WA, home while enjoying it to its fullest.

A Touch of Elegance: Indoor & Outdoor Motorized Shades

Experience the Luxury of Automated Window Coverings

A Touch of Elegance: Indoor & Outdoor Motorized Shades

Luxury living conveys a lifestyle of comfort, enjoyment, and freedom to choose. In home design, it may constitute soft rugs, fine finishes, and amenities that support relaxation and customized environments. Whether your taste leans toward opulence or modern minimalist, window treatments are an essential part of the design, with motorized shades emerging as a popular choice for homeowners looking for a touch of luxury. 

These indoor and outdoor shades seamlessly integrate with your home automation system, offering one touch or voice command. Gone are the challenges of managing the natural light that fills a home through floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and architecturally diverse windows—your smart home does it for you.

When extended into your backyard, they enhance your outdoor living in remarkable ways, creating a space to enjoy in the heat of the day and long after dark, as well as through the changing seasons.

Let’s explore the latest designs and developments in automated shades and how they elevate your everyday living in Spokane, WA.

The Hottest Duo in 2024: Home Technology & Design

Enhancing a Home’s Design with Smart Technology

The Hottest Duo in 2024: Home Technology & Design

For many people, “Home Technology” conjures up images of electronic gadgets, robotic appliances, and tower loudspeakers delivering impressive concert-quality sound. We’re happy to report that, as automation advances, large and flashy have given way to quiet and breathtaking. 

Tech no longer takes center stage but hides quietly in the background, delivering a stunningly beautiful and enhanced lifestyle while improving instead of detracting from a home’s design. Here, we’ll explore some top contenders—the technology that brings incredible entertainment, advanced lighting, and automated natural light while elevating your home’s aesthetics in Spokane, WA.