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Listen to high-quality audio anywhere and everywhere with a whole-home audio system and enjoy effortless control from a single device. Learn more here.

Enjoy High-Resolution Music Via a Whole-Home Audio System

Revel in Beautiful Music Streaming Through Your Home

Enjoy High-Resolution Music Via a Whole-Home Audio System

Every culture in the world celebrates with music. It stirs our emotions, shapes our perceptions, and creates a soundtrack that is our life. As such, it deserves a special place in our homes. 

A high-end audio system in a dedicated listening room can offer an incredible experience, producing a realistic soundstage that takes you to the live performance or the recording studio. But what about the rest of your home? For many, their music comes from a stereo, mobile device, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. 

There is a better way. A whole-home audio system brings high-performance music and other media to every corner of your home and into your outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the possibilities and what it offers your Bellevue, WA, home.

Sonos or Control4: Which Is a Better Whole-Home Audio System?

Let’s Break Down the Differences

Sonos or Control4: Which Is a Better Whole-Home Audio System?

Any serious music fan should consider a whole-home audio system. What’s better than being able to quickly select your favorite songs from a streaming service or your own media collection and enjoy them seamlessly throughout the house—sans earbuds?

A big name in whole-home audio is Sonos, known for their hi-fi wireless speakers, proprietary speaker synchronization, and intuitive user interface available for Android and iOS devices.

For some homeowners in Redmond, WA, Sonos may be the preferable choice for whole-home audio. But before you pull the trigger on Sonos, you may want to take a gander at another big name in whole-home audio: Control4. What does Control4 offer that Sonos doesn’t? Read below to learn the differences between Sonos and Control4 and decide which may be a better solution for you.