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Wipliance designs and installs custom whole-home audio systems for properties in Phoenix, AZ. Schedule a free consultation by calling (480) 771-5500.

Quick Guide: Getting Started with Control4 Whole-Home Audio

These Questions Will Help You Dream Up the Perfect System

Quick Guide: Getting Started with Control4 Whole-Home Audio

Music is the common ingredient among our celebrations, gatherings, and downtime. It helps us set a mood, relax, and focus. So, why should music be limited to one room? A whole-home audio system breaks the boundaries of single-room listening by sending tunes anywhere and everywhere with ease.

We love Control4 as a distributed audio system because it preserves the quality of high-resolution music and offers you many ways to access and share music anywhere throughout your Phoenix, AZ home.

Intrigued? Use this quick guide to dream up the perfect Control4 whole-home audio system for you. Then call on Wipliance to turn it into a reality! Get started below.

4 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Whole-Home Audio System

Your Music, Your Way!

4 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Whole-Home Audio System

Consider yourself a music enthusiast? Then you should know the best way to kick back to your favorite songs and artists at home is with a whole-home audio system. A whole-home audio system gives you ample flexibility to pipe any music you wish all over the house in just a couple of taps.

Our team partners with Control4, a full-fledged home automation system that also excels as a multi-room audio system, to deliver high-quality and reliable whole-home audio control to homeowners in Phoenix, AZ. Whether you’re considering one or already have a Control4 whole-home audio system, be sure to make the most of it with these creative tips below.

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