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Wipliance is an award-winning installer of whole-home automation systems in the Medina, WA, area.

How Do You Choose a Whole-Home Automation System?

Explore the Must-Have Features Your Smart Home Should Include

How Do You Choose a Whole-Home Automation System?

Now that smart home devices are a fact of life in luxury homes, investing in whole-home automation systems to bring them all together is becoming increasingly necessary. Just as important is choosing the right one. One that fits your needs, is user-friendly to you (what is intuitive to one person may not be to another), and is compatible with the smart devices you love. 

As custom technology specialists, we bring decades of experience working with some of the biggest players–getting to know the ins and outs of each. We take that information and consider our clients’ budget, what features are most important to them, and even which rooms they want to upgrade when choosing the right one. 

The best whole-home automation solution adapts to your needs, from what you want your smart locks to look like to the type of fixtures you want to use. Below are some things to look for when adding automation to your home in Medina, WA, or the surrounding areas.