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3 Reasons to Add Motorized Patio Screens to Your Outdoor Spaces

Extend your living spaces with the comfort and beauty only outdoor shades can bring!

3 Reasons to Add Motorized Patio Screens to Your Outdoor Spaces

There’s nothing like the warm, faint sunshine on your skin in the early morning hours, birds singing or little crickets chirping at night, and the sensation of fresh air filling your lungs. In other words, there’s nothing like spending some time outdoors. 

Unfortunately, nature also has a rough side, and it can be challenging to stay outside for long periods. Well, no worries! With Wipliance's motorized patio screens, you can combat many of the usual troubles that come with patios, gardens and terraces.

Keep reading our blog to learn three great reasons to incorporate motorized patio screens into your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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Boost Your Privacy

Keeping the privacy of your outdoor areas is crucial for making your alfresco experience much more enjoyable. Imagine having a romantic anniversary dinner with your partner in full view of your neighbor's window — something like that can certainly ruin the mood.

With motorized patio screens, your outdoor spaces will be the perfect scenario for unforgettable moments with your loved ones in a cozy, intimate environment. With our installations, enjoying privacy while out in the open has never been so easy!

Enjoy the Outdoors No Matter the Time or Weather

Arizona summers are one thing other than brutal: they are way too long! While hot weather can be perfect for pool parties and eating ice cream, too much of a good thing can be bad. For example, strong heat can deter you from using your outdoor areas more often or at certain times of the day.

By integrating patio shades, you can bring more comfort to your backyard living space, as they are designed to filter strong UV rays, allowing you to protect your furniture, reduce annoying glare on your mobile devices and diminish heat. 

Keep the Bugs Away

Imagine you are having a nice relaxing “me time” in your garden one evening. A light breeze graces your hair, your favorite playlist plays in the background, and your body and mind feel completely at peace. Now imagine this amazing experience is interrupted by the whining of mosquitoes in your ear, crickets jumping on you out of nowhere, and a creepy spider building its web over your head.

Motorized patio shades seal the bugs out of your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy a safer and more comfortable experience outside. Now you will be ready to relax in the beauty of the dusk or starry skies.

At Wipliance, we are excited to make your home a more comfortable and beautiful place to spend more time with family and friends. Are you ready to integrate motorized patio screens in your Arizona home? Contact us today through this online form, drop a message in the chat box below, or give us a call at 480-771-5500. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!