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4 Creative Ways to Customize Your Home Media Room

Our Media Room Designers Can Help Take Your Space from Bland to Grand

4 Creative Ways to Customize Your Home Media Room

For some homeowners, a TV and a couch might be all they need to build a media room. But if you’re an avid movie watcher who considers the media room the heart of the home, then it’s worth spending some extra time and money to make it shine—especially if it doubles as a common living area, too.

The sky is the limit when you partner with a media room designer like Wipliance to create your dream entertainment space. We don’t just install the latest A/V technology, but we also have the skills and expertise to make your media room unique with plenty of custom details and finishes.

Get inspired below by learning four ways to customize the media room in your Seattle, WA home with help from our experts.

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Speaker Grilles

One of the best ways to get impressive sound in your media room without having to settle for big, intrusive speakers is to opt for architectural speakers instead. These speakers mount flush with your walls and ceilings and deliver superior sound from discreet, low-profile enclosures.

Even better, the Wipliance team can cover your flush-mount speaker grilles to perfectly match your walls and ceilings—whether your surfaces are painted drywall or feature detailed wood or stonework. We can specify your speakers and grilles for installation in virtually any type of surface.

Acoustic Paneling

Speakers are just one piece of the puzzle when creating great sound. Some rooms will require acoustic paneling to absorb unwanted echoes and ensure sound is well balanced. Still, acoustic paneling can quickly become an eyesore if it’s not properly installed with aesthetics in mind.

Our media room designers install custom acoustic treatment that not only improves your audio experience but elevates the look of your media room. We can wrap your acoustic paneling in custom fabrics and materials so that they look like a refined design element rather than blocks of foam on the walls.

Media Room Seating

Choosing the right media room seating is easier said than done—you either find options that are beautiful but lack support or have the support you need but don’t suit your style. Does the perfect media room seating exist?

It does when you partner with Wipliance. We offer custom media room seating from brands like Salamander Designs and Fortress Seating, which can be precisely tailored to meet your needs. Everything from seating type, configuration, materials, colors, and accessories can be modified so you can have beautiful seats that offer long-term support through hours-long movies.


If you only use light in your media room to help you see and move around, then you’re harnessing just part of its power. The right lighting design can completely transform the look of a room, taking it from a mediocre space to a movie environment that makes your guests’ jaws drop!

We can go beyond a few cans and a lamp by adding backlights behind your display, cove lighting in the ceiling, strip lights under your seating and along the walkways, or creating a layered look with wall sconces and more. Plus, when you choose tunable LEDs, you can dial in any shade of colored or white light at the touch of a button to create a stunning environment for your themed movie nights.

These ideas are just four of many ways we can help you customize your media room so that it represents who you are and offers an unforgettable entertainment experience. Learn what else we can do by scheduling a free consultation with our team! Fill out our contact form or send us a message in the chat box below to speak to a team member today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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