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4 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Sound System this Winter

Adding Outdoor Amenities? Add the Right Soundtrack

4 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Sound System this Winter

Whether Scottsdale is home for you or a respite from colder climates, the three seasons outside of summer are perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation. Of course, the Arizona summer is also great, with a pool and some shade! Are you planning any outdoor amenities this year? Whether it's a new or remodeled pool, outdoor kitchen, or landscaping, it's the perfect time to add a soundtrack to your spaces with an outdoor speaker system

Need some inspiration? Here are four popular outdoor amenities that go better with sound.

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New Patio

Are you redesigning or extending your patio? Maybe you’re adding built-in infrared heaters, a fireplace, or a fire pit? Adding audio will ensure you’ll spend more time outside with these comforts. Depending on your architecture, you can add ceiling speakers in a covered area, wall-mounted speakers, or landscape speakers in adjacent garden areas. For a visual and aural statement, modern Origin Acoustics bollard speakers produce impactful sound throughout your outdoor area. 

New Pool

If you're adding or revamping a pool area, don't miss the opportunity to add sound. Imagine floating in your pool at the height of summer with a cool drink and your favorite tunes wafting over you. You can hide landscape speakers and buried subwoofers in your landscape areas for discreet looks but unmistakable, powerful sound. You can even use specialty speakers in the pool walls underwater for an added aural dimension to your swimming. 

Landscaping and Water Features

If you're adding desert-friendly landscaping and a unique water feature, that's a perfect opportunity to integrate a speaker system that blends right in. Buried subwoofers and speakers that look like outdoor lighting will nestle discreetly with your landscape and water installation to provide music that creates a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. But the speakers can also rock when it’s time for a party. 

An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular, allowing you to enjoy outdoor cooking and making excellent entertainment hubs. Imagine a bar area where your guests can relax, watch or help cook, and enjoy refreshing libations. Install ceiling or wall-mounted speakers in your covered area, and they can do double duty for music and sound from your outdoor TV for the bar area. Your landscape speakers in the surrounding patios and gardens will ensure the sound is evenly spread throughout your outdoor space. 


It’s much easier to add a complementary outdoor sound system in the planning stages of any of these projects. Our expert team is skilled at working with landscape and construction contractors to neatly integrate audio and video solutions for your outdoors. Are you ready to add a soundtrack to your outdoor enjoyment? Call us for a free consultation, contact us here, or send us a message below! We look forward to working with you.