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4 Rewards You’ll Reap with a Landscape Speaker System

Love Your Outdoor Spaces Again by Bringing Music to Your Backyard

4 Rewards You’ll Reap with a Landscape Speaker System

Nothing says a good time like sunny weather, friends, food, and music—especially when you can enjoy all these things in your backyard. While you’ll have to provide the friends and food, our team can deliver outdoor speakers that sound great, withstand the elements, and hide from sight!

With a landscape speaker system, your backyard will become the ultimate spot for family dinners, date nights under the stars, pool parties, and more. No matter the size and topography of your outdoor living space, we can design the perfect speaker system that adds rich, pleasing sound to every corner of it.

Below, learn four rewards you’ll reap when you upgrade your Scottsdale, AZ home with a dedicated landscape speaker system.


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Become the Perfect Party Host

Portable Bluetooth speakers are no match for a big property. Instead, a well-designed landscape speaker system evenly covers your backyard with high-quality sound that’s powerful enough to overcome ambient noise. When you host a backyard party, your guests will ooh and aah as the music follows them and provides a balanced soundstage from the entryway to the patio, pool, and outdoor kitchen.


Hide the Speakers, Showcase the Sound

Our landscape speaker solutions don’t have to be seen to be admired. It’s all about the sound! Landscape speaker systems are made up of small satellite speakers that can be placed among plants and rocks and burial subwoofers that only reveal a discreet mushroom cap port. All the speaker components use dark brown colors that blend seamlessly within the environment.


Keep the Peace with Your Neighbors

Unless your neighbors are invited to your party, they probably don’t want to hear your music. We’ll help you keep the peace by designing an outdoor speaker system that points sound back to your house instead of into your neighbors’ yards. Enjoy more volume flexibility without complaints from nearby homeowners, and never worry about the music getting lost outside your property.


Get More Use Out of Your Backyard

A backyard sound system reveals several possibilities for your outdoor spaces! Beyond hosting parties and alfresco dinners, you can take your work emails to the patio and enjoy a soothing instrumental playlist that helps you focus. Or bring the dumbbells outside and fire up an energetic playlist that keeps your heart rate up as you exercise. Enjoy more than music, too: Stream podcasts, audiobooks, TV audio, and internet radio.



Ready to enhance your outdoor living with high-quality music? Work with the audio specialists at Wipliance to design the perfect landscape speaker system for your backyard. To get started, contact us here or message us in the chat box below. We’d love to hear from you.

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