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5 Impressive Benefits of Automated Shades

Bring Beauty, Privacy, and Convenience to Your Home

5 Impressive Benefits of Automated Shades

Shades play an important role in your home’s aesthetics. They set the mood, defining a space as elegant, fun-loving, or modern. They also protect your home from the sun, offer privacy, and allow natural daylight to filter through your windows. 

Motorized custom window treatments automate these many tasks. Now, your shades raise and lower throughout the day with no effort on your part. Let's explore what these window coverings can do for your Spokane, WA home.

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Increased Convenience

One of the challenges with shades is the effort it takes to manually open and close them throughout the day. In fact, we rarely do it, which leaves us with either little natural light or direct sunlight harming our furnishings. 

Automated shades enable you to raise or lower your window coverings with one touch of a button. You can choose one room or your whole home. If you have a row of windows in your home, watching your blinds raise or lower in perfect unison is impressive. 

Energy Efficiency

As the sun rises in the sky, your home’s southern exposures can heat up quickly. This solar heat can cause your HVAC system to go into overdrive as it attempts to cool your home off. Motorized window coverings minimize this effect by automatically lowering when the sun’s direct rays begin to increase the temperature.

When integrated with your home automation system, all systems work in tandem. The shades, air conditioner, and lighting work as a cohesive unit, raising and lowering as changing daylight and temperatures demand. 

More Natural Light

Bringing more natural light into your home has many benefits. There’s nothing more beautiful than a ray of sun filtering through the windows. It also offers numerous health benefits, such as producing vitamin D when it touches your skin and increasing serotonin, your happy hormone, when it enters your eyes. More natural light also reduces the amount of electric light you use, reducing your energy bill and carbon footprint. 

Protect Your Furnishings

The sun's light that offers so many benefits can also harm. We know that if we spend too much time outside, the UV rays can damage our skin. Unfortunately, they can do the same to our fine art, hardwood floors, and furniture, causing fading and discoloration. 

Motorized shades offer two solutions. They come in material that diffuses the sun's light, reducing the harmful effects of UV rays. We also use sensors and programming that automatically lower the shades when the sun is at its brightest point. 

Automatic Privacy

Motorized window coverings allow you to change your level of privacy in a moment. For those rooms that demand different levels of light and privacy, we can install two shades on one window. Tap the sheer shade to allow diffuse light through and the blackout shade to stop all light from entering, the perfect solution for movie night.  

Automated shades bring beauty and effortless control of natural light. At Wipliance, we specialize in customized technology that enhances our clients' everyday lives. To learn more about custom window treatments or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.