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Bring High-Fidelity Music to Every Corner of Your Property

Experience an Immersive Sound Field with Today's Landscape Speaker System

Bring High-Fidelity Music to Every Corner of Your Property

As the weather warms, people in Medina, WA, are gearing up for another season spent in their beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether relaxing on the lake or by the outdoor fireplace, enjoying time alone in nature, or surrounded by friends and family, high-performance music makes the moment better.

At Wipliance, our audio video and home automation experts combine the latest technology with industry-leading outdoor audio to create a blanket of high-fidelity sound. Thanks to a landscape speaker system, the camouflaged audio source retains your beautiful outdoor spaces while delivering crystal-clear, detailed music that fills the air. 

Let’s explore the possibilities and how you can enjoy the best outdoor audio as spring turns to summer.

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Landscape Speakers Defined

While under-eave speakers have improved over time, they provide one-directional audio that can be too loud at the source and barely heard at a distance. On the other hand, high-resolution landscape speakers create a blanket of pure, outdoor concert-like music. 

We’ll strategically install satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers throughout the outdoor space and along the perimeter, directing the audio toward the listening areas. This results in even, powerful coverage with no hot spots or dead zones. No matter where you roam or the size of your estate, a beautiful melody or rousing beat follows you. 

And because these speakers look like landscape lights, your beautiful aesthetics remain untouched. When integrated with the latest outdoor TVs, you experience an immersive sound field and lifelike images—the ideal setup for the latest movies under the stars.

Separate Zones

Distinct zones let everyone enjoy their personal selections. These may include the pool, patio, garden, and different seating areas around the property. This allows one person to listen to their favorite podcast on the patio while another tunes into their outdoor playlist by the fireplace. 

Technology Made Easy

As with most things in life, technology will soon go untouched if it's not easy to use. A Control4 home automation platform can connect your indoor and outdoor audio systems and smart home technology, making managing your music effortless.

Many outdoor audio solutions limit listeners to streaming services or the radio. Instead, you can enjoy all your favorite audio sources. Select your area or entire home and the source from a high-resolution touchscreen or mobile device. Now, you can enjoy your treasured vinyl and personal music collection in any room of your home and in the great outdoors.

We can also program scenes that create the perfect setting for your many outdoor activities. Do you regularly invite friends and family over for outdoor dining? Tap the ‘Al Fresco’ icon, and your chosen playlist streams through your outdoor area, beautiful landscape and patio lights illuminate, and the outdoor firepit ignites. 

At Wipliance, we take pride in enhancing our clients’ lives, providing the latest technology that’s easy to use and effortless to enjoy. To learn more about the many outdoor audio options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.

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