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Create Stunning Interiors with Today’s Lighting Design

The Power of Beautiful Lighting, Motorized Shades, & Elegant Controls

Create Stunning Interiors with Today’s Lighting Design

Light touches almost every aspect of our lives, from art to design, science, and psychology. A photographer will spend days in one location, waiting for the exact lighting that reveals an image in stunning clarity. Likewise, your home, the space where you work, play, entertain, and relax, should experience that same attention to its illumination. 

As a lighting designer and home automation expert serving Hayden Lake, ID, Wipliance uses the latest technology and design elements to create exceptional lighting that transforms for every activity and mood. In the right hands, your lighting becomes much more than a way to see in the dark and perform life's many tasks. Instead, it becomes an artistic element that brightens and enhances everything it falls on. 

Let’s explore the combined benefits of lighting design and home automation.

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An Infinite Palette of Light

At Wipliance, we partner with Lutron and Control4, industry leaders in smart lighting and home automation. Lutron’s Ketra and Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting transformed the possibilities in lighting design with their world-class, full-spectrum LED lighting systems. These systems supply limitless colors of light available from one source and changed with the touch of a button. 

Our lighting designers and integrators incorporate these systems into layers of light that create the desired atmosphere and effect. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination from sources that include natural sunlight, LED strips, and fixtures like pendants and recessed lighting. Accent lighting highlights your home's best features and artistic elements. Task lighting, such as a desk and undercabinet lights, provide illumination for life's many activities.

The Importance of Daylight

When combined with motorized shades, you experience the perfect balance of daylight and electric light and an additional elegant design element. We can program shades to open in the early morning hours, letting in the sun’s first rays. Depending on the weather and the position of the sun, they rise and lower throughout the day, letting in the beauty of daylight without harming your home’s interiors. With one touch, you can raise or lower every shade in your home.

Intelligent and Beautiful Controls

Gone are the switches, and in their place are elegant, custom in-wall keypads that transform your lighting for the occasion at hand. We’ll program specific lights to preset hues and intensities, creating the ideal illumination with one touch. Do you enjoy having friends and family over for outdoor entertainment as spring turns to summer? Tap the “Friends” button, and the lights transform. 

For some, that means golden candlelight in the dining area and patio. For others, it may translate to the colors of the sea, from seafoam green to cerulean blue, splashed throughout their home. At the same time, the motorized shades rise to reveal your beautiful landscape lighting. The combined powers of today's LED lights and automated living make almost anything possible.

At Wipliance, we’ve witnessed the dramatic changes the combination of beautiful lighting, intelligent shades, and elegant controls offer homeowners, creating an environment they love. To learn more about our lighting design process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.