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Creating a Touch of Paradise with Today’s Outdoor Entertainment

Blend the Beauty of Nature with Cutting-Edge Audiovisual Technology

Creating a Touch of Paradise with Today’s Outdoor Entertainment

Can you feel it? We’re rounding the corner, with the beautiful summer sunshine just a few short months away. Soon, backyard barbecues, alfresco dining, and evenings spent under the beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID, night sky will be everyday affairs. 

If you’re determined to make this your best outdoor season, now’s the time to begin. With the help of Wipliance, you can turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise, a space where your family and friends come together to enjoy life at its finest. By blending the beauty of nature with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, we create the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience.

Are you ready to live your best outdoor life? Let’s discover what awaits you as spring arrives.

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State-of-the-Art Outdoor Speakers

Music almost always accompanies outdoor gatherings. Whether enjoying dinner with the family, hosting a pool party, or partaking in lakeside festivities, music enhances the moment. For that reason, many people bring their waterproof Bluetooth speakers outdoors or install one-directional speakers. However, these audio options are limited and produce average-quality sound. 

Today, there is a much better way. The latest landscape audio utilizes satellite speakers that look like landscape lights and in-ground subwoofers to create breathtaking music across your property. Through strategic installation, our audio-video experts ensure no hot spots or dead zones, just detailed music from an unseen source. This placement also ensures your neighbors retain their peace and quiet.

Ultra-High-Definition Weatherproof TVs

Do you remember when you had to protect your outdoor TV from kids with squirt guns or the expert cannonball jumper? And when the sun peaked, the big game became washed-out and difficult to see? Times have definitely changed. 

Today’s technology offers outdoor UHD 4K TVs up to four times brighter than indoor equivalents and features high-tech anti-glare displays. You experience a rich, vibrant image with stunning colors and extreme contrast, even in full sun. They’re also built to withstand whatever Mother Nature brings, from heavy rain and snow to high humidity and extreme temperatures. 

The best news is that your new sound system doubles as surround sound for your new outdoor TV, creating the ultimate experience for outdoor movie nights.

Innovative Landscape Lighting

Today’s advanced LED outdoor lighting ensures the parties last long into the night. These systems enable our team to create striking outdoor illumination that changes based on the activity. From lighting that mirrors the moonlight to outdoor dining areas reminiscent of brilliantly lit French cafes and poolside Tiki torches that take you to the tropics, your outdoor lighting sets the perfect stage.

Intelligent Controls

When integrated with your home automation system, you effortlessly manage your outdoor retreat from a high-resolution touchscreen. Bring your favorite playlists or vinyl to one outdoor area or your entire backyard with one touch. Select the “Entertain” icon, and the music and lighting align for the occasion. Choose a movie, dim the lights, and enjoy immersive surround sound by pressing “Movie Night.”

Once you have your outdoor oasis, you may find the ultimate summer vacation is in your own backyard. At Wipliance, we’ve been helping turn homes into dream vacation destinations for 18 years. To learn more about the possibilities in outdoor entertainment or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.