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Discover the Latest Outdoor Speakers by Coastal Source: The Razor

Bring High-Fidelity Audio to Your Outdoor Areas

Discover the Latest Outdoor Speakers by Coastal Source: The Razor

The love of the outdoors resonates in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Blue skies, a breathtaking lake, and majestic pine forests make it easy to fall in love with this city, where nature abounds. 

Here, many residents extend their living areas, taking advantage of the beautiful place they call home. Outdoor motorized shades, firepits, and fans help extend the season. Stunning landscape lights and outdoor seating areas create an enchanting oasis. But there’s often one thing missing that enhances any environment—high-performance outdoor speakers that deliver an immersive soundscape. 

At Wipliance, our lighting designers and audio-video experts are always excited to create outdoor entertainment spaces that bring family and friends together. One of our partners, Coastal Source, recently made our job a little easier with their newest line, the Razor outdoor speaker. 

Let’s explore what their latest innovation can do for your outdoor experience.

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Partnering with Coastal Source

As a leading home automation integrator, we carefully select our partners, aligning with those on the cutting edge in their industry. In outdoor living, one of those brands is Coastal Source. As the popularity of outdoor living increased, the company saw the need for enhanced outdoor lighting and audio that added beautiful illumination and high-fidelity sound while withstanding the elements. 

In 2023, we officially partnered with Coastal Source, excited to bring our clients the best in outdoor living. 

The Razor Outdoor Speaker

Coastal Source’s latest technology wonder is their patent-pending hardscape Razor outdoor speaker. These low-profile architectural speakers represent the first hardscape and outdoor wall speakers manufactured and engineered to produce true high-fidelity sound. 

This is also their first outdoor speaker line designed for patio and deck applications. At just 4 inches deep, its minimal footprint retains your outdoor design while enhancing the soundscape, bringing concert-quality music and audio to your outdoor space. Are you wondering how they can deliver such breathtaking sound from this low-profile design? 

They engineered and optimized ultra-shallow drivers and designed the Acoustic Fractal Waveguide, a tweeter bridge that significantly improves clarity. They also contain two built-in subwoofers. As a part of the patented Coastal Source Plug+Play system, it enables us to integrate into existing systems and expand or change your audio system as your needs change. 

We can mount these speakers on the walls and ceilings, hang them, or gang them together vertically to create an omnidirectional planter speaker, giving us tremendous options for customization and placement. They also come in three sizes and eight models, ensuring the perfect solution for your space. Their sizes range from 10.5 to 32.5 inches in black or white, with custom colors and sizes in the works.

Technology for Total Control

Connecting your speakers to your whole-home or multi-room audio system lets you access your favorite music and audio on a high-resolution touchscreen or smartphone. Select from a multitude of streaming services, play your treasured vinyl, or choose a song from your digital collection. When integrated with the latest impressive outdoor TVs, it’s like having an outdoor home theater under the stars. 

Are you ready to experience remarkable outdoor entertainment? To learn more about today’s outdoor speakers or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.