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Discover the Magic in a Whole Home Lighting Control System

Experience the Beauty and Benefits of Smart Lighting

Discover the Magic in a Whole Home Lighting Control System

The way we illuminate our homes has changed dramatically in the last several years, thanks to home automation and Lutron’s acquisition of Ketra. As a Lutron Black Diamond dealer, we’ve watched their combined technology redefine what’s possible. 

Together, the two boast world-class controls and awe-inspiring light. From changing every light instantly to using light like a painter’s palette, you can turn your home into an oasis or a nightclub, creating the perfect environment for life’s many moments.

Let’s explore what a whole home lighting control system is and what it offers your home in Paradise Valley, AZ.

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The Controls

Lighting control is more than the press of a button. Lutron’s advanced system uses geofencing, ensuring your entryway and landscape lights welcome you when you pull into the driveway at night. When everyone leaves a room, sensors turn the lights out. And when you leave for the day, custom scenes turn off the lights and close the shades. Instead of light switches and dimmers, you manage your lighting from elegant keypads, touchscreens, mobile devices, and your voice.  

The Light

Did you know that every color in the visible light spectrum, when mixed and blended, amounts to over 16 million hues? What’s even more impressive is that all those colors are at your disposal. Even more amazing?, your smart home’s voice assistant, knows them. When you ask him to turn the living room lights to Byzantium, he knows you mean the dark purple associated with mystery and royalty.

Your lighting system also offers Natural Light modes. When activated, your home’s lights reflect the color of the light outside. This blending of colors obscures the line between the natural world and your home, bringing an element of nature indoors. It also enhances well-being and relaxes you at day’s end in the colors of the setting sun.

From recessed lighting and daylight for general illumination to linear fixtures in alcoves and under cabinets, ambient, task, and accent lighting purposefully come together. Slim accent lights highlight artwork, textures, and architectural features, showing your home in its best light. 

The Programming

At Wipliance, we program your whole home lighting control system specific to your lifestyle. The way you wake, the activities that make up your day, and how you spend your evenings are unique to you, and your smart home should reflect this. 

That translates to taking the time to find the ideal setting for each activity. Then, we save this setting and program it to bathe your home in just the right light with one touch. Whether hosting a dinner party, meditating, working, relaxing, or playing with the kids, there’s a scene that will illuminate your home perfectly.


We’re excited to share this remarkable technology that changes lives. To learn more about whole home lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.