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Discover What Living in a Control4 Smart Home Means

Turn the Every Day into the Extraordinary with Control4 Home Automation

Discover What Living in a Control4 Smart Home Means

Smart home automation is no longer a luxury limited to the top echelon. In fact, it’s rare to connect with someone who hasn’t embraced smart home technology to some degree. Why the popularity? 

While the reasons are endless, some top contenders are convenience, extreme beauty, and the best home entertainment. No more pulling on the shades when evening descends. Now, your smart home does it for you. No more switching on the light to the same monotonous hue. Now, you can access over 16 million brilliant colors and lighting that mirrors the outside world. 

When you’re ready to immerse yourself in high-fidelity music, you no longer have to head to the listening room. Now, you can enjoy breathtaking music throughout your home and outdoor oasis.

Push a button, such as “Entertaining,” “Relaxing,” “Reading,” and “Al Fresco Dining,” and the lights and music align. No wonder it’s so popular.

At Wipliance, we partner with Control4 home automation, the leading smart home brand. Here, we’ll explore a few of their unique features that make living in a Control4 smart home that much better.

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You can manage your Control4 smart home via an intuitive interface like a touchscreen, keypad, remote, or smartphone app. Are you wondering what, exactly, you can manage? It would be easier to say what you can’t. The Control4 platform integrates with tens of thousands of third-party devices. 

You can turn on the landscape lights, ignite the outdoor fireplace, stream your favorite arias through the great outdoors, and turn the patio lights to a golden hue and the pool lights to indigo. And all you had to do was press the ‘Relax Outside’ button.

When integrated with, you experience effortless living. is the voice assistant created for smart homes. He doesn’t require robotic phrases but understands casual conversations. Say, “OK Josh, set the temperature to 70, lower the shades, dim the lights 50 percent, and turn on Stranger Things.”

A lesser voice assistant would ask, “Where?” But not Josh. Josh is AI-smart, which means he learns as he listens. He knows you’re in the living room, and your favorite show is on Netflix. The more you ask of him, the more he’ll learn until your smart home becomes intelligent.  

Intercom Anywhere

Do you remember home intercoms where you pushed a button and talked to someone in another room? Control4’s intercom system transforms that experience. Now, you can connect via video to any room in your home. 

Are you working late at the office and thinking about the kids and their new babysitter? Dial into their playroom and connect to everyone via video and audio. Making dinner in the kitchen and hearing some ruckus in the media room? Look at the in-wall touchscreen video. Is there a wrestling match going on? Let them know you’ve spotted them.

Are you ready to enhance your life with today’s technology? At Wipliance, our automation and AV experts are here to help. To experience the wonder of smart home living firsthand, visit our Control4-certified showroom in Scottsdale! And to learn more about Control4 home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.

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