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Don’t Forget the Seating During Your Home Theater Remodel

The Latest Salamander Styles Offer Exquisite Comfort & Style

Don’t Forget the Seating During Your Home Theater Remodel

When planning a home theater remodel, it's easy to get lost in the world of technology and aesthetics, but seating is a crucial element that often gets overlooked. With innovative features and designs from Salamander Design, comfort meets style in a way that transforms your viewing experiences. In our blog below, we explore why this brand’s furniture collection is a game-changer and why seating should never be an afterthought in your home theater remodel. Keep scrolling to read more.

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Enjoy the Best Seat(s) in the House!

Whether you want to watch alone or with a crowd of your friends and family, a home theater is the ultimate spot for entertainment. If you’ve been considering a remodel of your current TV and movie spaces, then it’s time to look beyond the space's audio and video capabilities! With Salamander Designs’ luxurious seating, you have fully customizable viewing spots for yourself and your guests. Recline or don’t; share an armrest or have your own; sit in a sectional or have your own seat—the choice is yours. 

Plush, stylish lines like the Talia or Luca (to name a few) make nearly any seating arrangement possible. And when you partner with the Wipliance home theater design team, every seat becomes the best seat in the house, with audio/video, automation, shading, lighting control, and room calibration all coming together into a luxurious hotspot for all your favorite forms of entertainment!

The Salamander Difference

Because everyone’s décor is unique, your home theater seating should complement your style instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Made in America, Salamander is a built-to-order furniture brand that is outstanding, and it will bring a touch of complementary style to any of your spaces. Choose from various leather colors ranging from earthy to vintage hues, and pair them with top-in-class lumbar, head and neck, and leg support so that your next movie marathon or gaming session is more comfortable yet classier than ever.  

Your newly remodeled home theater space will last thanks to high-resiliency foam cushioning that won’t settle prematurely, long-life coverings that last up to five times longer than fabric, and a strong frame construction built for years of home entertainment.

Beyond the Home Theater

The best thing about Salamander is its flexibility. Despite being the ultimate home theater seating brand, this furniture's comfort, customization, and construction can fit any entertainment area of your home. Add a cozy loveseat in your dedicated listening room or a sectional in your game room. No matter where they’re located, you’re in for a treat whenever you sit down.

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