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Do’s and Don’ts of Lighting Design

Key Guidelines for Effectively Lighting Up Your Space

Do’s and Don’ts of Lighting Design

When it comes to crafting the ideal ambiance for your home, light is a major factor that can change the mood of your overall living space. Whether you're trying to create a relaxing retreat in your living room, need functional lighting in your kitchen, or want to enhance your entertainment space, Wipliance can help you! Let's explore some must-know tips for lighting design in Seattle, WA. These do's and don'ts will help you consider how to create a warm and inviting home.

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Do's and Don’ts in the Kitchen

When your kitchen has those recessed lights that cast shadows on your counters, prepping food is harder than it needs to be. With better lighting, you'll feel more comfortable and actually see what you're cooking. 

Do use layered lighting. Mix different types of lighting to cover all your needs in the kitchen. You've got your overhead fixtures for overall brightness, and then those under-cabinet lights that really help when you're chopping veggies or cooking up a storm. 

Do opt for LED lights. They're a smart choice because they save energy, last a long time, and come in different colors to match whatever you're doing in the kitchen. 

Don't overlook color temperature. Avoid lights that are too warm or too cool because they can warp the colors of your food and the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. Aim for a neutral color temperature. 

Don't neglect dimmers. They're handy because they let you adjust the brightness depending on the time of day or what you're up to. With dimmers, you can create just the right ambiance for cooking, dining, or having friends over

Do’s and Don’ts in the Bedroom 

Creating the right lighting ambiance in your bedroom is key to making sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. Here are some do’s and don’ts for bedroom lighting design.

Do Showcase Elements with Directed Lighting. Use downlights or directed lighting to highlight artwork or key features in your bedroom. It adds a touch of visual interest and draws attention to focal points.

Do Opt for Soft, Warm Lighting. Choose soft and warm lighting options to create a cozy and inviting ambiance that promotes relaxation and better sleep.

Do Layer Your Lighting. Mix it up with different light sources. Use bedside lamps for reading, overhead lights for general illumination, and dimmable fixtures to adjust the brightness to match your mood and activities.

Don't overdo bright lights, especially at night. Bright lights can disrupt your sleep and make it harder to unwind. Keep it soft and soothing, especially as bedtime approaches.

Don't use nightlights. Surprisingly, nightlights can actually interfere with sleep. It's best to rely on subtle, low-level lighting or dimmable options for nighttime ambiance.

Do’s and Don’t for Vanities

Vanity lighting can help you look your best and see what you’re doing. However, many overhead light fixtures cast shadows that can cause you to look older and exhausted. 

Do use semi-flush mount lights. These are great for backlighting your hair and shoulders while brightening up your bathroom overall.

Do place lights on both sides of your mirror. This gives you even lighting across your face. If you have a larger mirror, consider adding a light in the middle too.

Do opt for soft, white shades. Soft shades help reduce harsh shadows, creating a more flattering light for grooming.

Don't install lights above your mirror. This is especially the case if they have solid shades that keep your face in the shadows. This can be a no-go for a flattering look.

Don't use clear glass shades. They can create glare from the bulb. Go for shades that diffuse the light for a softer glow.

By sticking to these lighting tips for your home, you'll turn your living spaces into bright, functional areas that fit your daily life and elevate your home's overall look. Feeling inspired to upgrade your lighting setup? Get in touch with our team today for a custom lighting solution that fits your style perfectly. You can fill out our online form or chat with us below.