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Elevate Your Backyard with Audio and Video

Audiovisual Solutions Let You Bring Your Favorite Entertainment Outside

Elevate Your Backyard with Audio and Video

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Idaho, Coeur d'Alene boasts a picturesque landscape that beckons residents to relish the outdoors. But what if you could elevate these moments with the perfect blend of nature and technology? The idea of lounging on your patio, with the shimmering lake in the distance, becomes even more enticing when paired with your favorite film or song. And with the right backyard audiovisual solutions, this dream can become your everyday reality. Keep reading to learn more about outdoor AV solutions to turn your outdoor spaces into an entertainment oasis. 

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Samsung Terrace TV – Your Video Hub

The Samsung Terrace TV isn't just another television; it's your ticket to unparalleled outdoor entertainment. Designed to bring Samsung's renowned 4K QLED brilliance to the outdoors, it guarantees top-notch picture quality, be it a sunlit afternoon or a starry night. Tailored for the unpredictable Idaho weather, this outdoor marvel boasts an IP55 rating, ensuring protection against dust and rain. Depending on your backyard's layout, choose between The Terrace Partial Sun, ideal for shaded areas, or The Terrace Full Sun, designed to deliver impeccable visuals even under direct sunlight and withstand temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Origin Acoustics Speakers – Adding the Soundtrack

Origin Acoustics, a pioneer in outdoor audio solutions, offers a range of landscape loudspeakers that promise to elevate your auditory experience. Their Bollard Speaker, with its sleek aluminum finish, is designed for those perfect moments in your backyard. The speaker boasts a 360-degree sound dispersion, ensuring consistent audio quality regardless of where you are. Its aluminum sleeves, available in natural silver, black, and bronze, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also resistant to moisture, heat, and sunlight. 

The Seasons Landscape series from Origin Acoustics is another marvel. With titanium tweeters, these speakers deliver loud, clear sound without the harsh edge, ensuring a pleasant listening experience. Their 70/100v transformer allows for long-range power, covering vast outdoor areas. And for those who prioritize aesthetics, the burial subwoofers are a game-changer. These subwoofers, designed to be buried, only have an earth-colored cap visible, blending seamlessly with your garden.

The Acoustic Landscape series is perfect for those who want expansive coverage without compromising sound quality. With the ability to power up to four speakers per channel from any premium amplifier, this series ensures your entire outdoor space is filled with rich sound. The system also boasts a powerful 10" subwoofer, providing deep bass. And for versatility, the system offers both burial and hardscape installation options. 

A Symphony of Integration

The magic truly unfolds when the Samsung Terrace TV and Origin Acoustics speakers come together. Picture this: a gripping movie scene on your Terrace TV, where the dialogues and background score flow harmoniously from the Origin Acoustics speakers, enveloping you in a cocoon of high-definition sound and visuals. Or, a music video through your outdoor speakers pumps up the energy of your summer party. This seamless integration promises not just entertainment but an experience. And when controlled through a smart home automation system, it ensures that your outdoor entertainment is just a click away.

Are you ready to enjoy the magic of movies and music in the crisp air of your Coeur d’Alene backyard? Call us for a free consultation, contact us here, or send us a message below! We look forward to working with you.