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Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting with New Coastal Source Lighting Solutions

Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Cutting-Edge Illumination: Ketra Ready and Evo Lighting Series

Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting with New Coastal Source Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting in Seattle, WA, isn't just about brightening up your garden paths anymore. These solutions have become an essential part of landscape design that blends functionality with style. With that being said, Coastal Source is leading the charge with its latest technology. 

The Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light and the EVO Lighting Series are changing the game. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of these outdoor lighting solutions, including durability, versatility, and flair. 

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Illuminating Innovation with the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light

Coastal Source recently partnered with Ketra to create the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light. This fixture is off the charts when it comes to flexibility and control. It’s at the peak of outdoor lighting tech with color rendering so precise that it's sure to make your jaw drop. Also, its dynamic control capabilities allow you to adjust the white light to fit any atmosphere you're going for.

Customized Lighting Scenes

With the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light, you can set the scene just how you like it, whether you're hanging out with a few friends or throwing a full-blown bash. Want to amp up the cozy vibes? No problem—just adjust the color, intensity, and direction where the light is pointed. What you’ll get in return is an immersive lighting experience that enhances the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

Crafted with High-Quality Materials 

The durability of the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light is incredible. It features high-grade materials and finishes that can handle whatever weather conditions are thrown its way. From rain, wind, and snow, this light can survive it all. 

Modular Excellence with the EVO Lighting Series

Coastal Source also recently released their EVO Lighting Series of modular fixtures, designed to enhance your outdoor aesthetic. With their sleek, modern looks and cutting-edge engineering, the EVO series opens up a whole world of lighting possibilities for your outdoor spaces. Like Ketra Ready, the EVO series is precision-engineered to survive harsh weather. 

No matter which outdoor feature you want to highlight, the EVO Lighting Series lets you mix and match to get that perfect mood. With its modular design, you can adjust the lighting as your needs evolve. If you want to add some extra fixtures, it’s no problem. You’ll have a lighting setup that grows and adapts right along with you.

Elevate Your Outdoor Lighting with the Pros 

Many people are into making their outdoor spaces look incredible with modern lighting. With the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light and the EVO Lighting Series, you’ll have access to innovative and high-performing lighting solutions that will transform your outdoor area into a stunning work of art. 

It doesn't matter if your outdoor area is big or small, modern or classic—outdoor lighting can be tailored to fit your needs. If you really want to go all out, you can bring in expert lighting designers who can create a setup that not only looks amazing but also works with your space.

Ready to see how outdoor lighting can elevate your backyard experience? Reach out to the team at Wipliance today, and let's start planning your dream outdoor oasis. Schedule your consultation by filling out our online form on our contact page.