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Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment Outdoors with Samsung’s Terrace TV

Make the Most of the Cooler Arizona Seasons with Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment Outdoors with Samsung’s Terrace TV

Scottsdale enjoys beautiful weather all year round. But the Arizona desert summer can be fierce, and spending time outside might be relegated to nights and pools. But fall is coming, and with it comes wonderful weather and comfortable temperatures to enjoy outdoor pursuits. 

Want to make the most of the cooler Scottsdale seasons? An outdoor TV brings a wealth of entertainment options to your patios, pools, and backyards. And there's a new outdoor TV on the block: the Samsung Terrace TV. 

Samsung is the world's biggest TV manufacturer; surprisingly, this is their first outdoor TV. But it's a doozy. Read on below to learn more about the exciting new Samsung outdoor TV line. 

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Samsung QLED Technology

Samsung QLED technology is renowned in the industry for superb brightness, contrast, and color. Samsung’s Terrace outdoor TVs boast an incredible 2000 nits of brightness, exactly what you need outdoors in ultra-bright conditions. The company’s advanced motion processing also ensures that action movies and sports look smooth and crisp with no artifacts.

Outdoor Tough

No indoor TV would last long in Arizona’s heat. Samsung outdoor TVs not only take the heat but also rain and dust with an IP55 rating. The anti-reflective screen also minimizes glare and maintains the excellent QLED contrast in shade and partial sun conditions. Even the remote control is outdoor-ready with an IP56 rating that withstands water and spills. 

Smart Features

Samsung always makes feature-rich TVs, and the Terrace brings a new dimension to outdoor TVs. The Smart TV platform features hundreds of apps built-in for the most popular services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more. The sets also feature Airplay and Chromecast screen casting and mirroring for extreme flexibility in watching almost anything on your big screen outside.

Choices, Choices

The Terrace TVs are available in 55, 65, and 75-inch models, with both partial-shade and full-sun models available. The full sun models have special screen coatings for visibility in bright sunlight as well as reinforced protection from overheating – just what's needed for the Scottsdale climate! The optional Terrace Soundbar is also available for improved sound, but we can also integrate your outdoor TV with your landscape speakers and outdoor audio setup.  

The Samsung outdoor TV brings a wealth of audio and video entertainment possibilities to your outdoor spaces. If you’re ready to enjoy the fall and winter seasons with outdoor entertainment, you should call us for a free consultation, contact us here or send us a message below! We look forward to working with you.