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Experience High-Fidelity Music From an Invisible Source

An Invisible Home Speaker System Provides the Ultimate Home Entertainment

Experience High-Fidelity Music From an Invisible Source

A big part of today’s luxury living involves incorporating the latest home entertainment. From high-fidelity speakers that bring crystal-clear, detailed music to every room in your home to ultra-high-definition 4K TVs and immersive home theater experiences, it’s a world that defines the best in audio-video technology.

However, many of our clients want to retain their home’s beauty unmarred by electronic equipment. To accomplish this, we partner with the leading brands in this segment, ensuring our clients receive the optimum entertainment while retaining their home’s aesthetics. In home audio, one of those brands is Sonance.

Sonance’s invisible home speaker system brings breathtaking music and sound to every room in your Kirkland, WA, home with no visible footprint. Let’s explore this remarkable technology and how we ensure the ultimate audio experience.

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Redefining Home Audio

The goal of Sonance since its creation in 1983 is to create home audio solutions that provide unsurpassed acoustic performance with minimal visual intrusion—the best in entertainment without technology clutter. They’ve since been recognized as the inventor of the architectural and invisible speaker categories.

The Sonance Invisible Series enables our certified audio-video experts to strategically install high-fidelity speakers in walls and ceilings. We then cover them with the surrounding material, whether drywall and paint, wallpaper, Venetian plaster, or wood veneer. These speakers become part of your home with zero visual impact. 

The result is an unbelievable sound, emanating from your walls and ceilings, breathtaking music from everywhere and nowhere. As you can imagine, in addition to finding this system in luxury homes, you’ll also encounter it in world-class museums, art galleries, and exclusive retail boutiques.

Experiencing the Ultimate Home Audio 

This system sets the benchmark in invisible speakers, providing the full range of frequencies from a deep, resonating bass to a crystal-clear treble. The 170-degree dispersion ensures audio that’s evenly distributed, with even volume and performance throughout your home. We've watched many clients stop in their tracks, listening to one of their favorite songs and hearing the depth and range for the first time.

Enjoying Effortless Control 

When integrated into your distributed audio system, you can choose music from one of several streaming services for thousands of options or select your own private collection, whether a digital music library or turntable. Choose the audio source and the room you want to hear it in or the entire home and enjoy the pure reproduction of your favorite songs. 

We can also program the system based on activities or location. For instance, when you return home after work, your ‘Relaxing’ playlist greets you as you open the door. Or, you wake to soft ambient nature sounds or inspiring rock in the morning. Customization is the key to creating a system that leaves you amazed. 

Keep in mind these systems are designed for more than music. They also transform the experience when watching movies or your favorite sporting events, surrounding you with high-fidelity audio from an invisible source. 

Are you ready to experience the best in today’s home entertainment? To learn more about invisible home speaker systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.