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Explore the Limitless World of Ketra Lighting

Transform Your Home with the Power of Light

Explore the Limitless World of Ketra Lighting

At Wipliance, we’re passionate about enhancing our clients’ daily lives, creating spaces of beauty, intrigue, and ease of living by working with the top brands in the industry. 

Lutron is the global leader in lighting control, transforming light switches into intuitive controls on elegant keypads and offering a wide range of control options. In 2018, they acquired Ketra, a company that revolutionized LED lighting.

With their help, we’re transforming how homeowners and their families in Scottsdale, AZ, experience light. Let’s explore the latest in Ketra lighting and the incredible difference it can make in your life.

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Ketra’s Advanced Lighting System

Ketra’s patented innovations changed how we experience our homes, with lighting that creates endless possibilities. Thanks to Lutron’s effortless controls, you can enjoy this incredible light with one touch, changing it to fit your mood.

Their proprietary driver technology and color mixing generate exceptional, high-quality LED light with excellent color rendering. This translates to light that accurately reveals the color of an object in the same way that sunlight illuminates the world.

An Infinite Selection with Full-Spectrum Lighting

Have you ever felt like relaxing at the end of a long day surrounded by the colors of the Greek Islands or a Hawaiian sunset while you listen to your ‘Mellow Out’ playlist? Would you like to transform your dining area with light that resembles candlelight and crystals for the evening meal or when friends come over? Now, you can.

Ketra’s dynamic lighting produces the widest spectrum of available colors, letting you tune into a nearly limitless range of whites, saturated colors, and pastels, all created from a single light source.

Highlighting Treasured Artwork

Another feature found in this lighting system is Ketra Vibrancy. The first-of-its-kind, Vibrancy enables you to tune white light, letting you reflect light off objects in a way that makes everything look its best. 

Fine artwork, furnishings, and architectural elements burst to life with enhanced detail and vibrant colors. Because of this feature, many renowned galleries and museums, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, choose Ketra lighting.

Enhancing Moods with Natural Light

Natural light profoundly affects our bodies. It began thousands of years ago, when humans spent most of their time outdoors, and their bodies learned to adapt to the changing light. 

Even today, when light enters our eyes in the morning, it prompts the production of a neurotransmitter that enhances our moods and increases energy. Dusk, and the amber light associated with it, stimulate melatonin, resulting in a better night’s sleep. Unfortunately, today, we spend, on average, about 90% of our time indoors, throwing off this delicate balance.

Ketra brings the power of natural light indoors. Throughout the day, your lights automatically align to the changing color of the sun. In effect, white-blue lights enhance productivity during the day, transitioning to soft amber lighting in the evening, which promotes relaxation. Not only does this type of lighting have a biological effect, it's also incredibly beautiful.

At Wipliance, we’ve been using the latest technology to transform our clients’ everyday experiences, elevating their homes while making life easier and more enjoyable. To learn about the incredible technology known as Ketra lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.