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Explore the Possibilities in Pure Audio with Focal Home Speakers

This Iconic Brand Delivers the Best in High-Fidelity Sound to Every Room

Explore the Possibilities in Pure Audio with Focal Home Speakers

Music has a profound effect on us as humans. According to John Hopkins Medicine, it can improve our sleep, enhance our moods and memory, and even reduce anxiety and pain. That’s powerful stuff.

At Wipliance, we partner with top audio manufacturers to bring our clients pure sound reproduction. While the health benefits are a wonderful addition, the experience of listening to high-fidelity music fill your home or excite your senses in your home theater is awe-inspiring. 

Focal home speakers are one of our favorite solutions for delivering the finest audio. Let's explore what they bring and why they stand at the top of their field.

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The Power of Focal

France-based Focal has been creating some of the finest high-fidelity speakers since 1979. Since then, they’ve continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating an elegant union between the finest materials, sound engineering, and technology. The company’s goal is to provide the ultimate pleasure in its purest form.

The Whole-Home Solutions

At Wipliance, our audio solutions are customized and designed for every aspect of your home and lifestyle. Some homeowners relish the intimate designated listening room, a space where they tune into their favorite vinyl and experience the lifelike soundstage as if at a concert or in the recording studio. 

Others revel in the home cinema—the space where movies and music come alive in immersive surround sound and soul-stirring melodies. Many of our clients want to bring this experience to their entire home through a whole-home audio system that delivers high-fidelity music to every room at the touch of a button.

Focal offers solutions for all these unique environments, enabling our team of audio experts to help you select the perfect solutions for every desire.

From Home Theater to Listening Room

Focal brings movies to life and offers numerous possibilities in the home theater arena. Small but powerful, their Sib Evo product line features Dolby Atmos technology that immerses the listener in pure audio around and above you. Other lines with center speakers that deliver crystal-clear, emotionally impactful dialogue are the Aria K2, Vestia, and Chora. Their subwoofers provide the depth and intensity so important to the immersive cinematic experience. 

Focal’s architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers bring unrivaled acoustics to your home from a nearly invisible source. Their discrete 100 series is ideal for whole-home solutions and suitable for every room, including the humid environment of bathrooms. The 1000 series embodies all of the company’s exclusive technologies, promising the highest level of sound reproduction.

For those who want to hear their favorite music as if for the first time, Focal’s high-fidelity speakers will take you there, whether relaxing in your listening, media, or living room. At the pinnacle of their brand stands the Utopia III Evo, a line launched in 2008 and has evolved to pure excellence.

Are you ready to explore the incredible possibilities in today’s high-performance audio? Let our audio, video, and home automation experts at Wipliance lead the way. To learn more about Focal home speakers or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.